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    Tom Robertson

    So I have a question for those smarter than myself and tip the scales at a weight that would see them with a low number on their backs.

    Why is Tom Robertson playing for the Wallabies. Now I know one part of the answer which is obvious to any casual observer. But I didn't see any outstanding general play or scrummaging that would lead me to believe that he is up to speed of being a test prop whilst playing super rugby. I seen the Tahs scrum getting dished up multiple times and again from my armchair only see strong scrummaging teams licking their lips as he comes on.

    So why!?!?

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    Yeah, he's not Test level when looked at properly.

    While Robertson did show some potential at Shute level and for the Tahs (last year, not this year) he just seemed out of his depth on the end of year tour and since.

    Cheika likes to pick a few young bolters on potential in the fringes of the squad and Robertson was one of them. The coach is also stubborn with those selections, but I suspect even he knows by now that this bloke needs to go back a level, work harder and get better. He looks small out there.

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