More tickets set to go on sale

(Rugby News Service) Thursday 30 August 2007

The sale of tickets on Wednesday for the semi finals and Final of the 2007 Rugby World Cup sparked an unprecedented response from the public. By 10:00, when the tickets became available, more than two million people had accessed the official website. The technical platform put in place coped with the demand and the 15,000 tickets available priced at 101 - 498 Euro for the Final and 95 400 Euro for the semi finals were bought in a few hours.

The Organising Committe was delighted by the response and is set to issue another ticket release on Friday 31 August for pool and quarter final matches (including those featuring France, England and New Zealand) through the usual distribution network.

To order tickets :
+33 (0) 892 69 15 07

Please remember, tickets are only available from official IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 sources.

Supporters who obtain tickets from non-official sources run the risk of their tickets being cancelled, and of being refused access to the stadium.

To find out the official sources of tickets and to avoid such risks: