This week's column might well be a case of a man having two much time on his hands; but your columnist has studied in depth the final list of players who will be in the 20 countries teams attending the 2007 Rugby World Cup final in a few days time.

As a result here is a selection of what this writer believes are 'tough' questions concerning the tournament and its team's personnel.

See how ready you are for the six thrilling weeks of World Cup rugby?

Email your answers to HERE and on behalf of I will send you a written reply with the answers included and you can check your score (out of a maximum of 100 points).

1. Who is the 34-year-old New Zealand-born player who is going to the Rugby World Cup for the first time, but who will play for a country other than that of his birth? (2 points)

2. How many players by the name of Botha are there in the 2007 South African Rugby World Cup squad of 30? (2 points)

3 Name the one country from the 2003 Rugby World Cup which is not appearing in the 2007 tournament? (2 points)

4 Name the one new country which will appear at the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament? (2 points)

5 Which country has three brothers in its 2007 Rugby World Cup squad of 30 - and what is their surname? (2 points)

6a) How many team captains from the 2003 Rugby World Cup tournament are still captains of Rugby World Cup teams in 2007? 6b) Name them? (10 points)

7a) How many team captains from the 2003 Rugby World Cup tournament are returning to the 2007 Rugby World Cup - but not as captains - only as players? 7b) Name them? (10 points)

8 Who are the two sets of twins who are to play together at the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament? (2 points)

9 Name the All Black who will be playing in his 2nd Rugby World Cup tournament event but he also missed selection while a player in contention for selection for New Zealand at two other World Cups? (2 points)

10 Name the England player who made his international debut 11 seasons ago, was in contention for three previous selections but who will be going to his first Rugby World Cup in 2007? (2 points)

11a) Which England club team can field a 2007 Rugby World Cup XV and 11b) how many countries are represented in the players? And 11c) 1 point for each player correctly named? (5 points for 11a; and 10 points for 11b; and 15 points available for 11c)

12 When England's back Mike Catt has his birthday on 17 September - how old will he be? (2 points)

13 Who was a player in a 2003 Rugby World Cup team in Australia, but who is now coach of his country at the 2007 Rugby World Cup? (2 points)

14 How many players with the surname of Jones are there in the 2007 Wales Rugby World Cup final team? (2 points)

15 Who is Australia's only uncapped test player in the Wallaby 2007 Rugby World Cup squad? (2 points)

16 Which famous rugby commentator has a grandson playing at the Rugby World Cup finals. (2 points)

17 In the Samoa squad of 30 players how many are 'home' based players in 2007? (8 points)

18 It has been widely publicised that Samoa's Brian Lima is returning in 2007 for his fifth Rugby World Cup tournament; name the eight players who will be appearing in their fourth Rugby World Cup? (16 points)