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Thread: ARC:not a bad start

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    ARC:not a bad start

    ARC: not a bad start ó by The CrowdJuly 31, 2007 at 12:49 pm ∑ Filed under Roar of the crowd, Rugby Union

    Gatesy writes:

    I read my first anti-ARC article this morning, so itís started.

    When are the Sydney clubs going to realise that the landscape has shifted?

    If people want to de-stabilse the competition, before it even kicks off, then how do we progress?

    Maybe the format is not right but someone had to do something and itís not a bad start. Those franchises can survive and can develop their identities and their brands, but it will take time

    If Sydney doesnít like having the 3 teams that it has, the solution is simple. Take 2 of them out of Sydney and put them somewhere else, such as Townsville, Adelaide, or somewhere. Ií m sure that there are a lot of new players, who
    havenít played at the Super 14 level who are very excited about this new competition. I bet they wonít thank the Sydney Rugby community if they were forced to move interstate to pursue their ambitions.

    The plain fact of the matter is that the Sydney and Brisbane clubs have had ample opportunity to expand, go professional, set up Academies, play interstate games, or whatever is needed to lift club Rugby to a higher level. I donít see that much has changed in the last ten years. Itís still ďamateur hourĒ at most clubs, as far as I can see.

    Itís also true that schoolboy Rugby seems to be the pathway to the higher levels these days and it is becoming increasingly harder for good club players to be seen and to make a mark. This may redress some of that.

    This is not about parochialism or self interest of officials, itís about broadening player depthÖand itís a situation that has come about because of ďthe paralysis of analysisĒ. Somebody finally stopped talking about it and put down a marker. Itís a start.

    Letís give it a chance to breathe, at least.

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    what he said

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    The eastern states domestic comps believes themselves to be eliteist, therefore there is no need for this event(ARC) to occur and disrupt thier precious little competition....Grow up....If Australia is to remain competitive and player growth/ experience to improve then we need the ARC, for christ sakes lets wait and see how it goes first...

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    Earlier received an OzTips reminder to form an ARC tipping comp.
    They chose a couple of interesting players for an example of the Pro Players considering some of the cattle for the Spirit and Vikings!

    "With Teams from QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and WA, the ARC aims to showcase a truly national competition with over 120 professional players, including Kurtley Beale and David Croft competing."

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    don't forget the TWF ARC tipping comp

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    From our discussions with Mr X, one of the main complaints with the Sydney Fleet (Randwick, Uni etc in the Eastern Suburbs) was that they have to play their 'home' matches at NORTH Sydney Oval. Not very convenient for members & supporters of the contributing clubs.

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    totally agree Enforcer! You go Boy!!!!!!!!

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