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Thread: McKenzie welcomes tour proposal

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    McKenzie welcomes tour proposal

    McKenzie welcomes tour proposal

    July 30, 2007 - 1:41pm
    Story by: Sportal

    Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie has welcomed the call to bring back the traditional rugby tour.

    As part of an ongoing attempt to revitalise the code, recently returned ARU Managing Director and CEO John O'Neill has suggested that a return to the days of mid-season tours by the likes of the All Blacks should be explored.

    The move would see visiting international teams play a selection of mid-week games against local provincial teams such as McKenzie's Waratahs, on top of the current Test match schedule.

    "The logistics of it is difficult but I was one of the guys that played in the amateur days when we had long tours and I certainly enjoyed those environments," McKenzie said.

    "I think John (O'Neill) is right, I think these Tests have become a little less meaningful with teams not fronting up with their best teams so if a tour situation is going to help alleviate that problem then that's something we should be looking at."

    "I know provincially for instance it's an opportunity to pick up some extra games; one of the things that is hard at the moment is that you've got a finite schedule in Super 14 in terms of raising revenue and giving your members opportunities to see teams play."

    "So if the tour came about and the provinces had a chance to get their teams on the field obviously with their players it'd be a great thing."

    While such tours would benefit players on the fringe of Wallabies selection McKenzie himself admitted he would jump at the chance to coach against the All Blacks.

    "I played a number of games for NSW against the All Blacks and got whacked every time, significantly, so it'd be nice to coach and maybe see if we can get something back," McKenzie said.
    Steve Orme

    I can see where they are coming from but I don't agree that this is the way to go. The mid week matches would struggle to compete for crowds in an ever more demanding life style of your average Joe Citizen.
    I feel the number of Tests at the moment are about right (though disagree with the three round 3N they go back to next year), it is the quality of Squad that is the issue.
    I feel all nations need to agree to putting a far greater emphasis on National "A XV" competition to do all your "blooding" and to agree to reserve Test selection for true Test status players.
    It will take a couple of seasons of the cycle for some countries to develop that depth but if a line in the sand is drawn now then post '11 RWC we would find the depth far greater in all Tier One and Two Nations.
    There needs to be regular competition for these development teams and, were possible (Maori All Blacks, English Saxons etc) Nations should be encouraged to field a third National XV as well. The evidence may not be there this year but the extra players exposed during this years Pacific Cup will certainly help Australia's depth in the next couple of years.
    I am also a strong believer in giving the Sevens program far greater importance and would place it equal to or even above S14 duties.
    The experience of the Commonwealth Games last year (apart from the injuries) showed it didn't have that great of an effect on the four Australian S14 Teams.
    If a system of player rotation was developed throughout the S14 season as a matter of course, with no exemptions, we would see a far greater skill level amongst our players.
    Perhaps a system of the National Sevens Coach could select an Under 25 Back and Forward from each of the S14 Squads, with the Province allowed to nominate say three "untouchables"? Say for NSW this season being Elsom, Beale and Turner.
    That could provide a Squad of eight Pro players with the balance coming from one per Province of the ARC Semi Pro players.
    This year an example could be:

    1. Julian Salvi, Brumbies ©
    2. Beau Robinson, Waratahs
    3. Ben Mowen, Reds
    4. Richard Brown, Force
    5. David Dennis, NSW
    6. Jack Vanderglas, ACT
    7. Anthony Faingaa, Brumbies
    8. Luke Burgess, Waratahs
    9. Quade Cooper, Reds
    10. Nick Cummins, Force
    11. Ben Lucas, Qld
    12. Ratu Siganiyavi, WA

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    there are another 3 players right?

    or has the stellenbosch laws ditched the Outside Centre Wing and Fullback as well?

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    Don't agree with McKenzie solution but for a different reason to Burgs. If he is correct in the assumption that the S14 franchises require more games and for the reasons he suggests then they should adopt a home & away S14 season rather than rely on national squads being able to get access to players for even more weeks during the year.

    The idea that A teams and maybe even a third national team could be sustained is not realistic for countries outside of Aus & NZ as either the domestic leagues in places like France or England already include upwards of 40 games per year or for others such as Arg or the PI's the cost of running these squads would be too great a drain on already tight budgets.

    Exile. I think the big man was talking about 7's rugby!

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    so what we are saying is that the two hemispheres need to align seasons to make such events possible - Aus is so far ahead of everyone else that you must admire the courage of teams even coming here for a thrashing - even we the punters don't enjoy that spectacle - playing lesser teams might be a feasible/economic solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thequeerone
    so what we are saying is that the two hemispheres need to align seasons to make such events possible
    That would go a long way towards solving the problem. FT's comments re lengthening the S14 season may also be worth consideration, though a full home and away season might be difficult. Perhaps three conferences with the top two from each entering a full home and away play-off series, semis and grand final. I'd envisage the NPC, ARC & Currie Cups would then probably need to be scheduled around the Test season. A move towards this "World Season" would also allow for a decent rest/reconditioning period.

    Personally, I like the idea of an expanded S14. ATM it's all over too quickly for my liking. Admittedly I'm bit of a footy tragic but I doubt i'm alone on this website

    Poor quality mini tours are doomed. The punters won't be fooled into booking tickets before squads are named in future. Less quantity and more quality, meaning full tours among top tier nations, is the requirement. Same for Tri Nations one home and one away test per year is plenty.

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