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Thread: Yellow peril could cost South Africa's tough guys the Rugby World Cup

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    Yellow peril could cost South Africa's tough guys the Rugby World Cup

    Yellow peril could cost South Africa's tough guys the Rugby World Cup
    Hamish McBrearty - Sportingo

    An ill-discipline wind is blowing across the Springboks' squad. In the pressure cooker of a World Cup semi-final, this could mean the difference between winning and losing.

    South Africa have played three matches in the 2007 Philips Tri Nations and amassed four yellow cards, while New Zealand have one yellow from two games and Australia none from three. Not only do the South Africans have more yellow cards than anyone else - three were for the same offence and they could, probably should, have received more.

    In the opening game, it seemed every time Australia were on attack, Springbok loose forward Pierre Spies gave away a penalty. After Spies' third such infringement of the first half, two for killing the ball at the tackle and one for offside, he was given his marching orders.

    Likewise in the second game against New Zealand, many promising attacks were snuffed out by Springboks infringing at the tackle. After issuing a general warning to the team, referee Alain Rolland gave a yellow card to replacement Pedrie Wannenburg for yet another tackle infringement near the Boks' line early in the second half.

    There could have easily been another yellow card on the stroke of half-time. Springbok forward Schalk Burger scored a try, but immediately afterwards several players were involved in a shoving incident. This incident was started when lock Bakkies Botha threw All Blacks captain Richie McCaw to the ground away from the ball.

    After taking a report from his touch judge who had witnessed Botha's transgression, Rolland issued a warning to the Springbok team about foul play, but shortly after the break inexplicably issued a second warning after Bobby Skinstad was seen punching McCaw by a touch judge.

    In last weekend's clash between the Wallabies and Springboks, two South Africans saw yellow. First was hooker Gary Botha for a cynical ruck infringement after a general warning had been issued to the team, and then lock Johann Muller, for punching an opponent after a scrum collapse in full view of the touch judge.

    All of these incidents seem to indicate a pattern to the South Africans' play. Firstly, when they are under pressure in their own half, they tend to give away penalties. Not only can these penalties hurt them by giving away points, but in every Tri Nations outing this year they have had a player sent to the sin-bin for persistent infringements.

    Secondly, the Springboks appear to turn to foul play when frustrated. After their clash in Durban, All Blacks back Aaron Mauger said: "There were a lot of cheap shots out there."

    Being one player short for a 10-minute period in international rugby can easily cost a side the game, and giving away numerous penalties can allow accurate goal kickers like Dan Carter or Stirling Mortlock to give their sides a handy lead. Either of these outcomes could leave South Africa's World Cup dream in tatters.

    Coach Jake White must focus on his team's discipline and get his players to give away fewer penalties. In the pressure cooker of a World Cup semi-final, these obvious flaws could easily cause a meltdown and cost South Africa their chance of winning rugby's ultimate prize.

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    Bunch of thugs really, standard issue SA rugby really, if in doubt slow it down or start a fight, eyegouge, whatever....

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    Though belting Ritchie is ok, maybe the reffs are scared to card him so they let a few touch ups slip by

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    Add another card this week and that makes 6 sin-bin (send-offs) in 4 matches.
    They also ammassed 35 penalties from the four games, averaging 8.7 per outing. Even if only half those are in kicking range thats a potential 12 point gift to any opponent.

    Aust and NZ averging 7 penalties. Suggesting that not only are the number of penalties higher for SA; but their nature is more serious.

    Lose canons in an under manned squad. Looks like they placed their money on the S14 - at the expense of 3N and RWC. Thick bunch aren't they.

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    The best one was on Saturday where a Penalty was given to the Boks right under the posts at their try line and then one of them enjoyed a bit of stomping action and the penalty was then given to the kiwis! Needless to say Carter had no trouble popping it over from almost literally right under the posts and that was the easiest 3 points ever.

    Turning point of the game I thought.

    What an idiot that saffa bloke was! Boy was his face red...

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