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Thread: Ballymore to become $25m academy

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    Ballymore to become $25m academy

    ARU National Academy for revamped Ballymore

    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Artist's impression of the proposed Ballymore redevelopment

    An Australian National Rugby Academy (ANRA) will be established at Ballymore in Brisbane, to fast track the development of Australia's most talented rugby players and provide a state-of-the-art training centre for the Wallabies.

    Prime Minister John Howard today announced a $25 million capital contribution towards a new multi-sport development at Ballymore, which will house the new academy, along with a high tech gymnasium, covered training area, 50m training pool and sports-oriented sports team village accommodation.

    The federal government grant will help fund the planned $40 million Ballymore development, to also include high end sports medicine facilities, office accommodation, conference centre and a Rugby Hall of Fame.

    Mr Howard said while Australia’s immediate focus is on regaining the World Cup in France later this year, the establishment of the ANRA will ensure that the Wallabies are well positioned to retain their place as one of the top rugby nations in the world.

    "Rugby union needs a central focus and I believe that the contribution of this $25 million towards the building of this Academy will provide it," Mr Howard told a function at QRU headquarters this morning.

    "We are all immensely proud of the way in which Rugby has progressed in Australia over the last quarter of a century," he said.

    "The game's impact on the Australian nation today is extraordinary.

    "To have a headquarters, to have an Academy, to have a place where young players can be brought on, to have a centre of activity that will, in an appropriate way be available to other sports... that is all part of the way in which we have adopted a truly national approach to football in this country.

    "The money will flow, we've got it in the bank, and I can truly say 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'."

    ARU Chief Executive John O'Neill said the funding was a continuation of the federal government support of Rugby that helped the Wallabies win the 1991 Rugby World Cup, through Australian Institute of Sport training of elite level players like John Eales, an AIS scholar.

    "This is a dream come true. We've talked about it, we've dreamt about it, we've had visionary moments, and as with a lot of visions, it takes money. And today we have the foundations for what is going to be something extraordinarily special," Mr O'Neill said.

    "We will produce something here at Ballymore that is so special, a centre of excellence. It'll be so vital to the future success of Australian Rugby it'll be used 12 months a year: from our national team, the mighty Wallabies; the Under 20 teams; the Sevens; of course the Queensland Reds and all their development squads; Women's Rugby; we will be using this every day of the year.

    "And the local community will also be participating. This is a community asset, not just a rugby asset.

    "Queensland is an incredibly important Rugby state. And to have our national academy here in Brisbane, in southeast Queensland is just fantastic."

    Mr O'Neill also paid tribute to QRU Chairman Peter Lewis, who has been lobbying for over 12 months to bring the project to reality and who was present today with his father Bernie, who helped bring the existing Ballymore development to fruition.

    "Today we have Bernie Lewis, the architect of the original Ballymore, and his son, Peter, the architect of the new Ballymore and the new Academy," Mr O'Neill said.

    Mr Lewis said the total Ballymore development aspired to be the number one centre of sporting excellence in the world.

    "There are magnificent facilities in New Zealand and France, but we believe Ballymore will rise above them. An iconic name will be transformed into an iconic location for sport and sports medicine in Australia and the immediate region.

    "Ballymore will be a centre of excellence for high performance athlete development and sports medicine, in an eco-friendly “Train-Play-Stay” environment just minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

    "It is a development not just for rugby, but for all sports; not just for Australia, but for all countries in our region, particularly Fiji and other South Pacific nations and not just forthe elite but for the broader community."

    Mr Lewis joked that it was a welcome change to be on the receiving end of a financial transaction with the Federal government.

    "The 30th of June usually for me means sitting down over a morning coffee and calculating how much money I have to give to the Federal Government.

    "Today, the 30th of June, 2007 is about to become a day of huge significance for Australian Rugby, a famous and special day for us.

    "Australian Rugby has always punched well above its weight and today its prospects for future success are enormously enhanced."

    An artist's impression of the new streetscape and entrance to the athletes' village

    Ballymore Redevelopment Proposal:

    The two stage, 12.7 hectare (31.5 acre) Ballymore project will become the internationally recognised centre for Australian Rugby as well as provide significant flow-on benefits to other sports and the local and wider communities including medical and recreational facilities.

    As the new home of the Australian National Rugby Academy, Ballymore will accommodate a range of facilities in three broad categories (subject to the necessary approvals):

    Sporting facilities including
    • A new public gymnasium
    • A redeveloped elite sports gymnasium
    • A 50m training pool, open to the general public out of season
    • A covered training area

    Artist's impression of the upgraded high performance gym and all weather training area

    Residential facilities including
    • A sports team village planned on strong team building principles

    An artist's impression of the athletes' village

    Commercial facilities including
    • A sports medicine centre with hydrotherapy facility, MRI, radiology
    • A combined conference centre/club/restaurant
    • A Rugby Hall of Fame
    • Sports-orientated commercial accommodation

    The proposed new conference centre at Ballymore

    Ballymore and the Australian National Rugby Academy will deliver the highest levels of performance required to continue the outstanding success achieved by Australian Rugby in past years and work for further international success in the future.

    The benefits to Rugby, associated sports and the community are:

    • Australia gains an international standard multi-sports facility incorporating outstanding training, medical, accommodation, and administration facilities.
    • In the Australian National Rugby Academy, the code gains an exceptional facility for the development and preparation of its elite athletes, emerging players, coaches, and referees.
    • The Australian Rugby gains a showpiece facility that provides access to the history of Australian Rugby.
    • The financial future of Australian Rugby is secured through facility ownership which will generate ongoing income streams and eliminate current rental costs.
    • Substantial employment and expenditure benefits are generated for the Queensland economy from a range of activities undertaken at Ballymore
    • The Ballymore development will allow Australia to assist the development of rugby in emerging countries around the world, specifically in the Asia/Pacific region.

    A sporting village that encourages higher performance

    As a ‘stand alone’ precinct the operational efficiency of Ballymore will benefit sporting teams, visitors, athletes, and the residents of Brisbane and Queensland as well as the broader community.
    The contemporary residences designed to accommodate visiting teams from regional, interstate or international areas will provide a comfortable “Train, Play, Stay” opportunity at a more economic and time efficient rate than is currently available.

    A High Performance Training (HPT) unit will be established for the benefit of sports teams and individuals. The indoor/outdoor training and playing capacity of the centre will provide all year round access while the finest rehabilitation and recuperation is available through its world class sports medical teams, specialists and facilities.

    Teams from international sports such as rugby, league, soccer, volleyball, water polo, cricket, and interstate teams for Australian Rules will benefit from being able to centre themselves within a comprehensive sports environment designed to ensure comfort, excellence, cost efficiency, time saving and high performance focus.

    Benefits to visiting players and teams:
    • Cost-effective motel and hostel style accommodation
    • Catering onsite
    • Close to services and city
    • Gymnasium and indoor training areas
    • 50m swimming pool
    • Sports medicine specialist centre
    • Hydrotherapy pool
    • Recreational facilities
    • Focussed high performance sport centre and comprehensive facilities

    The introduction of the new sports centre offers numerous benefits to the local community surrounding Ballymore and to the wider general public.

    Community Benefits:

    • Landscaped public areas
    • Public gymnasium
    • Public access to 50m swimming pool
    • Medical practice
    • Day surgery
    • Entertainment venue
    • Restaurant and cafe
    • Recreational facilities

    Environmental High Performance

    Ballymore has been designed to maximise and benefit from the best sustainable environmental practices in architecture, building methods, solar energy use and water recycling.

    Through the introduction of highly efficient solar panels to the vast and expansive roof areas of the centre and its stadium, energy will become a resource that can be harnessed and utilised to maximise its full potential. Through intelligent, eco-astute applications, the centre will embrace a green focus of the world’s best standards.

    Ballymore will really become the new centre for the “Green and the Gold”.

    These applications will include:
    • The use of water efficient fixtures such as low flow showers, water free urinals, low flow toilets.
    • On-site rainwater harvesting, storage and reuse for non-potable applications.
    • Sourcing of subterranean bore water (if available in sufficient quantities) to augment the local authority supply.
    • Water treatment and reticulation (rain water and river water treatment).
    • Stormwater management inline with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles to treat and reuse stormwater for cooling, fire fighting, toilet flushing, irrigation and wash down water.
    • Onsite wastewater treatment and re-use of recycle water for non-potable applications such as irrigation, toilet flushing, fire fighting.
    • Design of solar/gas hot water systems.
    • The incorporation of Photovoltaic cells that can provide power to drive individual items of plant.
    • The implementation of a waste heat recovery system (heat that would normally evaporate into the atmosphere) for hot water products or for the use in waterand wastewater sterilisation.

    Medical Facilities

    Ballymore will have a unique facility for sore losers and winners alike. The proposed new 2300m2 Ballymore Medical Centre will be a cutting edge facility complete with the very latest in sports injury/recovery treatments.
    The centre would be supported by a host of medical specialists, including two dual specialists in radiology and nuclear medicine (one of whom has fellowship training in musculoskeletal MRI).

    Others who’ve expressed keen interest include two high-profile orthopaedic surgical groups, a neurosurgical group focussed on spinal medicine, a general practice group and a prominent dental surgery.
    While this world-class medical centre will naturally be strongly focussed on sports medicine – meeting the needs of every athlete at every level – it will also serve the general public with open access to diagnostic imaging, orthopaedic, neurosurgical, general practices, dental services and day surgery capacity.

    A new union of sport with multiple benefits

    Ballymore will provide benefits for a range of sports in the form of high quality training, preparation and treatment facilities in a focussed environment.

    Supportive infrastructure for the Australian National Rugby Academy will include sports medicine and science, motel and hostel accommodation, seminar rooms and food & beverage outlets.

    The core asset is a High Performance Training (HPT) unit with playing fields for the sports that use the facilities as well as supportive infrastructure. This multi-purpose facility will attract elite supporting teams both nationally and touring sides, providing a “Train-Play-Stay” location.

    • A High Performance Training Unit which includes a 4000m2 indoor sports centre and gym and a 50m x 8 lanes pool
    • Sports medicine building of approximately 2,300m2
    • 900m2 of seminar rooms
    • Footbridge to provide access to sporting fields on the north side of Enoggera Creek and Wilston Train Station (600m)
    • Accommodation which includes 100 rooms (with 2 “extra long” beds in each)
    • Food and beverage outlets of approximately 300m2
    The location of Ballymore makes it an ideal central location for sporting teams and athletes. Ballymore is located on the southern bank of Enoggera Creek in Herston, 4 km north of the Brisbane CBD.

    Investment and return

    The construction phase of Ballymore will generate approximately 220 equivalent full time jobs over the life of the project construction.

    The ongoing operation of Ballymore will generate economic benefit to Brisbane and the broader Brisbane economy of an additional $25 + million per annum on top of the initial cost of construction.

    The estimated funding required to bring Stage one of the Ballymore project to fruition in terms of its state-of-the-art commercial, residential and sporting facilities has been deemed to be $42.3 million.

    It is proposed that the property will be held in perpetuity by a newly created Ballymore Trust, with a Board of Trustees made up of eminent persons.

    There will be two beneficiaries – the Queensland Rugby Union and Australian Rugby Union. The Trustees will deliver a confident, consistent and professional management of the Ballymore Trust.

    The Plan

    Subject to the necessary approvals, Ballymore will incorporate the three existing playing fields, a new two-level commercial office with undercover parking and the following new facilities:

    • Two team villages containing a series of four 2 and 3-storey single room apartments. A total of 50 twin share rooms in the first stage, with king single beds for players and management.
    • A combined conference centre/club/restaurant facility.
    • A Rugby Hall of Fame.
    • Team common – a focus/bonding area central to the village and overlooking the accommodation, complete with superb BBQ facilities.
    • New 4,000m2 public gymnasium and indoor sports centre.
    • An eight lane 50m pool adjacent to the gym, with public access during thesummer season.
    • A sports medicine facility.
    • A QRU club facility/conference centre with dining and breakout facilities serving the conference centre and the team village.
    Upgrades/renovations will include:
    • Existing 1,000m2 HP gym renovated.
    • Relocation of QRU, rugby training/coaches to Level 1 of McLean Stand and refurbishment as required of players and medical areas on ground level.
    • Seating areas of McLean Stand to be generally refurbished including removal of corporate boxes and replacement with seating.
    • Refurbishment of area behind the McLean Stand including demolition of sheds, refurbished and extended toilets and a landscaped lawn area capable of ‘bump in’ marquee/corporate facility.
    • General refurbishment and provision of new picnic facilities along Enoggera Creek. Includes removal of existing corporate shed structures.
    • Potential grant of 10m riparian zone to BCC for public parkland and bike path. To be maintained by BCC but seamless interface with Ballymore Park.
    • Part of number 2 field to be roofed with a retractable awning to provide a level of all weather training.
    • A new pedestrian bridge over Enoggera Creek.

    Centres of Excellence

    Ballymore aspires to be the No 1 facility of its kind in the world, surpassing even the Rugby Centres of Excellence established in the two nations who are currently the world’s # 1 and 2, New Zealand and France:

    Centre National de Rugby, France
    The Centre National de Rugby is France’s world class rugby training and recovery centre. Developed in 2002, it is located 23km south of Paris in Marcoussis on the site of an old chateau. It is the most sophisticated and extensive facility of its kind in the world for the purposes of rugby training and development. It incorporates the following facilities:
    • Three natural grass ovals
    • Two artificial grass ovals including one that is covered for wet weather training
    • Athletics track
    • Swimming pool
    • Restaurant (capacity of 60 persons)
    • Six meeting rooms
    • Hall of Fame/ Honour Room
    • Bars
    • Multi-sport training room
    • 85 accommodation rooms (3 star quality)
    • Weight training rooms
    • Multi-purpose gym
    • Tennis courts
    • Massage rooms
    • Technical assessment room (sport science).

    Adidas Institute of Rugby, New Zealand
    The Adidas Institute of Rugby, located within the Massey University Campus at Palmerston North in New Zealand is recognised as the centre of excellence for New Zealand Rugby development.
    The Institute provides rugby training, conference, dining and accommodation facilities including:
    • Deluxe motel style accommodation (20 bedrooms each with a queen and kingsize single bed)
    • 3 rugby fields
    • Indoor training area with synthetic turf surface
    • Speed, power and fitness testing equipment
    • Undercover scrum room with hydraulic scrum machine
    • Two recovery pools (one hot and one cold)
    • Recovery room with adjustable physio tables, ultrasound equipment, ice making facility, TV and video
    • Fitness/weights room with free weights ‘power zone’ and cardiovascular ‘aerobic zone’
    • Library and video analysis room

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    wow this is a big project i hope it works out. this could be a huge move in developing rugby players. I think nsw might have been better though. then all of the players could play nsw club rugby but qld rugby is good standard to.

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    This is potentially the single most significant event in Australian Rugby Development since the code went Professional.

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    Just spent ten minutes going through it and looks fantastic, cannot wait to see the final result, and in the future i hope it will pay big dividends in keeping Australia in the top tier of Rugby nations (well into the future)....

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    I gave it a 9. Just cause it's not in WA

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    I think it is great, and turns a potential millstone into an asset. My only (minor) query would have been climate, as I would imagine most of the development work would happen out of season and therefore in the middle of summer. It will be interesting to see what programs they initiate and how they integrate with the individual development programs in each state.

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    Brisbanes not really that tropicla Andy.
    Besides the covered outdoor training area deals with most issues and the resi is all air-conned.

    Bloody good idea.
    Didn't see the poll first time - me eyes are gettin old.

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