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Thread: Chat Report: 27.06.2007. End of Financial year and Bledisloe Edition

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    Thumbs up Chat Report: 27.06.2007. End of Financial year and Bledisloe Edition

    Morning punters here is your weekly lot straight off the TWF press

    Honour Roll

    Larry from Joisey
    Travelling Gerry
    Jedi Knight(apparently)

    First topic of discussion was the weather here in Perth and surrounds,ie rainfall, temperature etc. Well our correspondent from Joisey started laughing his leg off with our climatic conditions and basically told us to start taking Chopper Reads tablets, cause we are soft. Ppft, call that winter, over here we go weeks at a time when its 0 degrees. The good news for Larry is that its summer up there, hot and humid and Larry hates sweating. When the galloping jock rash takes hold, go the chemist and grab some Camphor powder, it works a treat Larry.

    While all things Larry, he is off on holidays to Ocean City with the crew. Two weeks in a town that has no pubs, ie a dry town. Appears it is a family destination mainly kids 16 and under and adults 30+. Larry mentioned plenty of milfs but still havent worked that one out yet.

    Speaking of weather Miss Evie is whingeing how cold Canberra is at the moment. Max of 6c yesterday and plenty of rain which is a good thing. When i was over there in March the countryside was brown and tinder dry.

    The indian bookies have popped in and giving Gerry curry with his bookie odds.
    All punters seem to catch on with some attractive odds on the sex of Brisvegases future bundle of joy. Only punter not up to speed is Jazza who was having a difficult night keeping up with the proceedings(doesnt help getting the lemon and sarse from X either).

    Much ado about nothing to quote Bill. Coach mentions the Players trophy and what a splendid bit of kit it is. Many thanks to Tef(Grand Fromage Southside Engineering) and Duncan from Eccles Foundry. Im sure the players will be impressed whenever they see it.

    Happy of HTFU tablet fame lobs in, sober and miserable. Orders up 2 pints and a Matt Special. Coach being the nasty piece of work that he can be shouts Happy 2 pints of Speights, that famous cousy bro fighting brew from En Zed. Drink Speights......lose ya mates! Apparently Happy has been watching 2 lesbians playing tennis on the TV. You do indeed need a holiday Happy

    Night quietly drifting along and im almost in a coma till Coach says his 2 Coachettes are starting to groove along to the Grandfather of Funk......George Clinton with Funkadelic and Parliament. This is awesome news. Obviously the kids have seen through the shallowness of the Wiggles, Coach.

    A quiet night on the chat and stumps are pulled at 10pm. Not sure what Jedi is on but i never saw him at 9.30. Jet lag id suggest.

    Quote of the night..from Larry.........its ok to kill a person......but dont hurt a friggin bird.

    Dont forget the chathouse is open to all TWFers. So come on down and join in on the craic.

    God speed and go the

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    the punters friend..... stick with me and you will be wearing

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    I was led astray with the tennis.. I didn't WANT to watch them.. honestly!! But we could all see how cold it was

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    Great report TLH on what was a slow night.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Lone Hydrangea
    Happy has been watching 2 lesbians playing
    What he does in the privacy of his home is his business. BTW Happy: Were they hot?

    I'm bummed out I missed the great odds from Mr. Generous. Maybe next time!

    As for the quote of the night. I can't take all these animal activist, tree hugging, I'm better than thou, no shower taking, freaks anymore. Save a whale, save a tree, blah, blah, blah ....

    Here's a simple example of what's wrong with our world today:

    He in the US it's a Federal crime to break an eagles egg, with a $5,000 dollar fine and up to two years in prison ....yet abortions are legal.

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