Here is a email i recived with all the vitals for this weekends Country Carnival

The fixtures just received from Rugby WA are:

Proposed team list
1 WASM / Boulder
2 Geraldton
3 Narrogin
4 Bushwackers
5 Dunsborough
6 Katanning
7 Stormers
8 Margs
9 Albany

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

Day 1 Fixtures

0900 WASM / Boulder -v- Geraldton
0955 Bushwackers -v- Dunsborough
1050 Stormers -v- Margs
1145 WASM / Boulder -v- Narrogin
1240 Bushwackers -v- Katanning
1335 Stormers -v- Albany
1430 Geraldton -v- Narrogin
1525 Dunsborough -v- Katanning
1620 Margs -v- Albany

on day 2 the top of each pool wil go on to play for the Cup, 2nd place from each pool will play off for the plate and 3rd from each will playoff for the sheild in these fixtures.

0900 A1 B1
0955 A2 B2
1050 A3 B3
1145 A1 C1
1240 A2 C2
1335 A3 C3
1430 B1 C1
1525 B2 C2
1620 B3 C3

Directions for Centennial oval where the carnival is as follows;

From Albany H`way on arrival to Albany you will come to the Big entrance roundabout... Take your second exit (North Road)
Take North Road for aprox 1km til you come to another roundabout and take 3rd exit (Lockyer Avenue)
Centennial Oval Agriculture sheds should now be on your left behind a fence Drive in your left lane ready to take a left turn
into the entrance gate once you see the Royals Club Rooms.... EASY !!!

if anyone wants a map (or a game ) pm me