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Thread: Mungo State of Origin...dont look if you dont want to know the scores

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    Mungo State of Origin...dont look if you dont want to know the scores

    Almost kick off.

    Qld kick off to NSW

    3rd Min...chipkick and Qld score a meat pie in the corner...

    Converts the try from the sideline and Qld lead 6-0 after 4 mins

    NSW score a try @10 min mark after a penalty


    NSW score a try and convert......NSW lead 12-6 @ 26 min mark...

    Qld attacking hard tho

    Pen goal to NSW......36th min...they lead 14-6...

    Queensland have bombed 3 tries......

    NSW try right on half time....18-6 with kick to come

    Kick missed..18-6

    half time

    44th change to score...qld got close again

    Qld in for a try after a penalty Qld 10 Nsw 18 with the kick to come

    kick successful from the corner and score is 18-12

    Qld have another try dissalowed...thats 6 now

    Qld score next to the posts......converted.....18-18...and 21 mins to go.....

    When Qld get down the field they look very dangerous and have only themselves to blame for not being up by a LOT

    NSW stuff up a pass and Qld over for another TRY.......22-18 with kick to come from right in front

    24-18 to Qld......

    NSW are GONE>>>>>>>>>>>> Heads down

    66 change

    qld drp goal 25-18

    76th min

    All over.....Queensland 25...NSW 18

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    wow wotda know qld can actually win something:O

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    What wouldn't the Reds give to have had Karmichael Hunt, Johnathan Thurston, Greg Inglis, Justin Hodges etal as Juniors and fully fledged Union players now?!?!
    Forget sunset players like Clinton Schifcofske, these are the type they need to be targetting, as they did with Berrick Barnes.

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    "Bloody oath we did!"

    Nathan Sharpe, Legend.

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