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Thread: Cron says speed it up

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    Cron says speed it up

    Cron says speed it up

    PA Sport

    New Zealand scrum coach Mike Cron believes the All Blacks' development programme has left them able to cope with the latest additions to the laws of the game.

    The Super 14 saw the introduction of the four-point scrum code in southern hemisphere rugby.

    And Cron has already given feedback to the International Rugby Board, urging referees to speed up the 'crouch, touch, pause, engage' instructions.

    "I can see where the IRB are coming from in changing the rule," he told The Nelson Mail.

    "But I think it's come about through other countries not having education and the coaching systems in place to help the young front rowers.

    "I think the NZRU's led the way in that, you know, working with front row factories with little 12-year-olds all the way through. A lot of countries don't have anything like that.

    "Whatever rule they come up with, we've just got to be better than the opposition at it. The new rule puts more emphasis on balance and we've always worked hard on our balance.

    "I think you'll find that at the very top level of international rugby, the new law won't have much affect, it'll be just the same as last year."

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    On a totally unrelated matter, I wish there was a standard pace for ''Crouch, Pause, Touch, Engage''...every ref has a different pace when intoning it..freakin' annoying .

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    Totally agree with you chook, this is a major issue and needs to be addressed ASAP...

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