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Thread: Conspiracy Theory II

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    Conspiracy Theory II

    A while back I posted Conspiracy Theory. If you thought that one was bad, check this out.

    Conspiracy Theory MK1 was an attempt to explain why Australian Rugby was performing so badly at the Super14 Level and whilst the theory was sound. I think I now have a better explanation, and more importantly I have some one to blame.


    Vodafone in association with former Chocolate Starfish Front man Adam Thompson wrote very bad songs for the Reds, Warratahs and our own Western Force. The idea being that the song would be played each and every time the team won a match.

    I believe that the Reds won their first match, then the song was released. They only won one more match after that. I guess the players really hated that song.

    The Warratahs won only 3 Matches for the year - Tahs players, it would appear, didn't like their song either.

    The Western Force won 7 Matches for the year. And I must admit - the Song is growing on me, perhaps the players liked it.

    Now here is the kicker.

    The Brumbies.

    The Brumbies did not do a song with Vodafone and Adam Thompson. and check it out - they were the best performing Australian side.

    Now you may scoff and call it a coincidence, or perhaps Australian Super14 Rugby Union Players just have better taste in music.

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    I like it... sounds very possible. We'll stick to the Australian Rugby Choir singing 'Proud to be a Brumby' thanks muchly.

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    mmmm. always hated the songs never thought this hard into it though.

    nice conspiracy you could be onto something

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    Chocolate Starfish ----> Bum Holes------> Tahs and Reds 'Down the bottom'------> = conspir-arse-ey!!

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