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Thread: Minnows complete rugby World Cup line-up

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    Minnows complete rugby World Cup line-up

    Minnows complete rugby World Cup line-up

    Unheralded Portugal have completed the 20-strong line-up for rugby's World Cup and are hoping that their dream of taking on the mighty All Blacks does not turn into a nightmare.

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    Good on them

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    World Cup pools

    Pool A: England, South Africa, Samoa, United States, Tonga

    Pool B: Australia, Wales, Fiji, Canada, Japan

    Pool C: New Zealand, Scotland, Italy, Romania, Portugal

    Pool D: France, Ireland, Argentina, Georgia, Namibia

    It's unfortunate for them that Italy have had their sudden improvement otherwise they could well have caused the rankings upset of the Tournament there. Block your ears TWF Scotties, but Scotland will want to pull their fingers out to avoid a huge embaressment too!
    Going on recent performances though Portugal should be very focused on making Romania their "Final" as they really do have a realistic chance there.

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