After attempting to watch last nights game at Subi (The place blows) but I had a good high view so although the players could hardly be seen it gave me a good idea on game style and combos etc.

Seems to me that EWF play a very similar style to the AB's and Waikato, what I mean by that is that in my opinion they tend to play as individuals.

The AB's can get away with that because of the massive talent in every position, x 3. Alas EWF do not have the depth the AB's have.

I do believe they play some exciting Rugby, but they really need to come together as a team. They need to develop the collective attitude of preferring to die than be beaten at home.

You almost get the feeling that the players themselves do not like each other, or perhaps do not like the coach...

Enough is enough really, two winable games lost at home, what is going on??

Its time to start a culture of winning.