Hi Guys,

We are new to this forum, but like the content

we host a new Rugby Podcast show called the Rugby Fobcast.

We did a couple of shows last year, & thought we give it another good go again.

The podcast show is based in Sydney Aust, and produced by a couple of FOBZ (Pacific Islanders)

It can be really tonge in cheek but just good fun.

check us out by clicking the link http://www.rugbyfobcast.com/57/rugby...-podcast-show/

or visit our Blog website www.rugbyfobcast.com

We have tipping comps & Fantasy leagues set up for all rugby supports, come & join in on the fun.

Hope you have a listen to the show & we would love to hear your comments on the show, because we are still learning the art of podcasting

Cheers Guy

Sione & Pepe