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    The Interview

    As soon as I was given the oppertunity to adopt Brendan Cannon, I realised I needed to interview him so I grabbed my phone and then realised that I didnt have his phone number, so I put down my phone and proceeded to make up this whole interview.

    Exile: Mr Cannon, Thanks for NOT taking the time and NOT having this interview.
    Brendan Cannon: Its nothing really, nothing at all.
    Exile: You had Surgery on your neck, all better now?
    Brendan Cannon: well, I dont tilt my head in the lineouts as much as I used to, so thats a plus.
    Exile: what was your real reason for leaving the Tahs and coming to the Emirates Western Force?
    Brendan Cannon: Morgan Turinui - he eats all the pies.
    Exile: How do you find Perth?
    Brendan Cannon: Do you know where Sydney is?
    Exile: yeah
    Brendan Cannon: its West of Sydney and its on all the maps. Pretty easy to find if you look.
    Exile: If you werent a professional Rugby Player, what do you think you would be doing.
    Brendan Cannon: Tour Guide, Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    Exile: Mr Cannon, when your in Perth, and your not training with the Emirates Western Force, what do you do?
    Brendan Cannon: I work.
    Exile: You have a job?
    Brendan Cannon: Yeah, I work Part-Time at Maccas.
    Exile: Brendan Cannon, thanks for your time.
    Brendan Cannon: It was nothing.

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