I went back and had a look at what Simon Cron said in February 2024:

In WF website:

“Are we where we want to be completely? No, we’re on a journey to getting there. There’s definitely some boys out there who’ll have a lot more confidence tomorrow, than they did last year.”

Cron was reluctant to get drawn into talking long term about their ambitions for the season, but when asked about making the finals, he replied: "Bare minimum… For us, it's not about ladder, not about placings".

"It's about every game, going into it with the mentality that we've got to go out there and win it with a performance that we're proud of, so that’s what we’re focused on".

"For us, the pressure's internal. The pressure within our team is a lot greater than the pressure outside of it - (despite) betting odds, or whatever else people think."

Pick & Drive Rugby Union Podcast

“We have a group of players under our roof which will make the rugby fans proud.
They make us proud every day.

We are very lucky to be coaching them to help them grow and develop.

The players are evolving every day and they will not be perfect – there will be parts of the games where there will be little momentum shifts and changes but our boys will stay in the fight all the time and they will make you proud and along that journey they will do some things that will excite you, and they will excite us, they will learn from wins and losses because we have to keep then learning and moving them forward".


Simon has expressed his opinion when the player group DID NOT "stay in the fight all the time".

My opinion, as someone who has been regularly watching the player group train from the end of the 2023 SR season, is that I am certainly proud of the player player group's capability, especially as we had to cover for so many injuries to key players.

Our best HAS greatly improved but our worst is unacceptable.