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    Quote Originally Posted by slomo View Post
    As one who remembers the Brand JOC fiasco... he can get f*&$@d ...
    Slomo with respect mate. In my humble opinion, JOC has done a hell of a lot of growing up since the glory days of Brand O'Connor. He is a much calmer, considered, and calculated human with a Zen approach to Rugby and life.

    As a Senior Rugby player, he will be a leader in any Team he is a part of.

    I think we should welcome him back.

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    I don't think I have seen JOC playing particularly well. I wouldn't call him an upgrade on Hegarty, but he is more versatile.

    JOC may have had his head in the wrong place in the past, but he seems to be in a better place now.

    Personally, I think we shouldn't give up on Harrison (the article mentioned we were sniffing around there). Having both Pasitoa and Harrison would be great.

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