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Thread: Simon Cron will be new Head Coach

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    Very sad to see Tim go but I understand the decision. I believe they have done it the right way, as much as these things can be done. They have not sacked him, he is just finishing out his contract. This was not a rash decision based on the shocking first 20 mins of Friday night.

    We all know Twiggy's aspirations for the Force and he is not going to settle for us being the 3rd or 4th best team in Australia. I agree with him that Tim was probably not the guy that was going to take us to #1. I think we have taken big strides with the signings of Ozich, Tito and Rodda in particular and this is another piece in that puzzle to help get us to the top. Would like to see Kerevi next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzmania View Post
    Media release "inadvertently" left lying on a boardroom table?
    During a meeting with Tim North and Rob Clarke?

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    C'mon the

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    Found this article from the SMH last year:

    “The reason for me coming to Japan was working with Steve and a family decision. Steve made it really clear to me when he was talking about Japan he didn’t want to coach another team, he wanted to mentor a coach and he’d like me to be that person. That was very humbling.”

    Hooper and Read, respective captains of the Wallabies and All Blacks in many Bledisloe Cup outings, have now joined forces in the Top League and love what Cron brings to the table as a head coach.

    “He’s really cutting his teeth over here,” Hooper said. “I’ve certainly seen a growth in him since I last was coached by him. Being around Steve and Kieran and bouncing ideas off some of the other coaches up here ... he is only going to improve more and more.”

    Read said Cron’s ability to remain calm, while navigating translation and COVID-19 complications, was admirable.

    Hansen is keen to extend Cron’s Japanese contract and deep down hopes one day he can move into the Kiwi system.

    “If Steve has anything to do with it, he’s only going one way when he comes back, which I believe is to New Zealand,” Read said. “As a coach you can go anywhere. I’ve been really impressed with what he’s done up here and I think he’s got a big future. It’s going to be up to him and his family.”

    Not so fast, says Hooper, who played under Cron at the Waratahs in 2018 and 2019.

    ..... and guess where he has landed up!

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    The Force Onwards and Upwards

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