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Thread: Six changes made for historic battle with Fijian Drua

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    In Tim I trust... a wins a wins...

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    No doubt great to get the win while not playing the best and the Drua are a much improved side from the start of the year. But we should be looking better as the season goes on, given some of the new and young players in our team starting to work better together. Unfortunately the opposite appears to be the case.

    McIntyre starting was pretty underwhelming. Surely we revert to the combinations we started the year with. Prior/Pasitoa to start and Fines/McIntyre to finish.
    Hopefully Koteka is back this week, along with Robbo, Pulu and Wagner

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    think the Force and dockers should merge,LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewg View Post
    Hardly a peanut gallery:

    Tony Lewis - WF CEO (Ex CEO Tasman Makos - NPC Champs 2019 & 2020; 2nd in 2014, '16, '17.
    Matt Hodgson - GM Rugby - WF since 2006.

    Tim Sampson - Head Coach - ACT Vikings. WF since 2018.

    Paul Tito – Forwards Coach - Player (NZU19, NZU21, NZ Maori, Taranaki, Chiefs, Hurricanes, Cardiff Blues).
    Coach - Taranaki NPC Champs 2014, Paloise/Pau - 3 years, Chiefs U20s.
    Mark Ozich – Attack Coach - NZ Hawkes Bay - NPC Champs 2020 and finalists 2021.
    Nick Hensley - Defence Coach (Uni NSW) WF since 2018.

    Dylan Parsons – Skills Coach – WF & Academy (WA Rugby)
    Anthony Cutrupi - Head of Athletic Performance (Ex Waratahs)
    Hal Marsden - Strength, Power & Rehab (Ex Melbourne Storm)
    Chris Goodman - GM Fortescue Academy (High Performance Crusaders - 8 years)

    Five of the above group have only been in their jobs since late last year. i.e. 3-6 months.

    The Western Force is a professional SR franchise.
    The Administration, Coaches, Support Staff and player group will be judged on their performance on the park and support of grassroots development of rugby in WA.

    It's fair to say that playing in SRAu, SRTT and SRPacifica has been challenging for all of us over the past 2.5 years of Covid-19.
    This is particularly the case for the team that travels more than any other franchise.
    Mate i think the point is its a COACHES box! Why should the GM and others who have nothing to do with the coaching be allowed in there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boof1050 View Post
    Mate i think the point is its a COACHES box! Why should the GM and others who have nothing to do with the coaching be allowed in there?
    GM Rugby would have a place there, surely.

    I also think that Hodgo offers different insights to the core skills of a Paul Tito, Tito will be really good at the set piece stuff, but Hodgo, having been ab abrasive backrower all his career would offer a valid perspective that's different.

    No it wouldn't be conventional, but I'm not a fan of convention for convention's sake anyway.

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    C'mon the

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    To much innuendo has been placed on one posters unsubstantiated wayward remark.

    The Western Force is a professoional organisation with processes and protocols in place.

    They are going about their business in the professional manner that they should be and we would expect them to.

    Decisions are not made off the cuff and on the fly.

    The team is a work in progress and starting to develop slowly and surely, bearing in mind that all the correct professional structures were only recently been put in place and finalised due to issues with the pandemic it will take time to bed down.

    We only have one Force in Perth, so lets be positive and like always be the force behind the Force


    Never before in our history has such strong rugby structures, pathways, developement structures,business units, and other team members playing, non playing, coaching and admin been in place.

    Just think back to that rally at Western Force HQ, not too many years ago when Twiggy addressed us and promised we will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, the fact that we are were we are is a miricle in itself.

    Thank you Nicola and Andrew, Matt everyone else

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    The Force Onwards and Upwards

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    You only need to look at the CEO's record to be fairly sure he knows his stuff. let's just have a little patience backed up with some perspective - please.

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    "The main difference between playing League and Union is that now I get my hangovers on Monday instead of Sunday - Tom David

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    I think the frustrating thing is that the season is so short.
    Yes we need to time to bed in the new attack coach and the backline to gel.
    Maybe it will all come good.

    However the way the fixtures are scheduled we might start to click but by the time that happens we're playing the awesome Kiwi teams and will have glorious losses at best.

    We really needed to hit the ground running and take points and play well from the get go

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