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Thread: English Premiership Rugby

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    English Premiership Rugby

    Watched a bit of English rugby over the weekend. A lot of good games.

    As you know a few ex-Force at London Irish. They demolished Worcester, all our boys put in solid performances. Nick Phipps also playing there. I was never a huge fan... but he had a very good game. Topped off with a specky pass (video on the page, half way down)

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    Great game, Fucken battled right through to the 80!

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    That pass from Phipps was sensational. I'd say it was planned rather than reflex too and that's harder really. I've made a habit of watching Irish to the point I've another team to follow now. They are flying and well in contention. Jeez I'd like to see Rona & Hoskins give SR another go. If they could tag Paddy Jackson along would be even better.

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    I have picked up on Irish and watch their games every week now as well. Really enjoying watching the games and seeing some of the nuisances between the competitions.

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