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Thread: Sanzaar fading?

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    Sanzaar fading?

    Interesting piece from McKay on the changed role of Sanzaar. An excerpt of it is below but the full article can be read at the Roar:


    Why have SANZAAR remained silent on 2022 Super Rugby plans?

    Brett McKay

    20 April 2021

    ... As more and more was being said and written and discussed about next year’s competition across the weekend, one significant question remained front of mind:

    Why haven’t SANZAAR said anything about the plans for 2021?

    Well, mainly because they’re not SANZAAR’s plans to say anything about, I’ve learned over the last day or two.

    Whereas it had previously been explained to me that Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa, and even the upcoming Super Rugby trans-Tasman remained SANZAAR competitions overseen by the joint venture governing body, this isn’t actually the case.

    A SANZAAR spokesperson confirmed to me that the respective domestic competitions are owned by the national unions, and not the SANZAAR partnership; that is, the full joint venture including South Africa and Argentina.

    Further, the upcoming trans-Tasman comp will be a joint venture of RA and NZR, with no oversight from SANZAAR.

    SANZAAR’s role in the current competitions is more around assistance with travel and logistics management, and the judicial process. SANZAAR do announce match officials for the respective competitions each week, but the appointments are actually made by RA and NZR.

    The SANZAAR joint venture owns and runs The Rugby Championship tournament, a la the Six Nations, but now does not oversee a provincial tournament within its remit.

    The Super Rugby brand remains SANZAAR’s, and its attachment to the domestic comps in Australia and New Zealand makes perfect sense, as it did with Super Rugby Unlocked in South Africa late last year. Whether the Super Rugby name remains in place next year, and how that competition is governed remains a decision for RA and NZR ...

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    Oh I do hope so!

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