vBookie Event: Round 10 - Early Books. (Super Rugby AU 2021)
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Outcome Odds Total Bets Total Staked
Force WIN 1-12 2/1 F (3.00) 9 25082708 WIN!
Force WIN 13+ 3/1 (4.00) 1 4000000  
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Thread: Super Rugby AU Round 10 - Early Book.

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    Super Rugby AU Round 10 - Early Book.

    Mr Greg Clarke who doesn't seem to be doing much theses day tells me that

    Queensland Reds have never had a 8 game winning streak in Super Rugby History.

    Their current 7 game winning streak was only equalled in 2011 and 2012 on the back of their championship season.

    The Queensland Reds winning away record stands at 28.7%.

    The Queensland Reds have only won 2 games in Perth in their history - once in 2011 in their Championship year where they nudged the Force out by 3 points and winning 24-21.

    Their last game in Perth the Force won 26-19.

    The last time the Reds beat the Force in Perth was 30th May 2015 and as all the commentators are willing to calculate I have done the same to say that was 2155 days ago.

    Consequently I have opened an early book for the vPunters with a more comprehensive book to go up when the teams are named.

    Bet early. Bet Often.

    ( Gamble vResponsibly)

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    Now if you made the odds 2155/1 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravi View Post

    ( Gamble vResponsibly)
    Ha!! As if you give a rat's.

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