Hi everyone,

I'm working this Saturday and my partner has plans so our two season seats are available for another rugby fan to purchase just for this game, face value of course!

They're on an aisle and in the front row right near the action! Western side so the sun isn't a factor. Aisle W105 row A to be exact. Cat 2 reserved.

Our two memberships were a total of $684.95 for 7 games, so divided by 7, that's $97.85 total for the 2 tickets.

I work right near the stadium and will be at work each of the next three days including game day, and am happy to do the exchange face to face so you know it's all above board.

Being at work I don't know how quickly I'll see responses or messages here, so if you're keen it may be best to email me at blakekagi at yahoo dot com dot au where I may see it quicker (sorry for writing my email address all weird like that but my post wouldn't go through when I wrote it properly haha).