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Thread: No fond farewell from rugby fans as Phil Kearns exits the commentary box...

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    No fond farewell from rugby fans as Phil Kearns exits the commentary box...

    'Genuinely awful' - No fond farewell from rugby fans as Phil Kearns exits the commentary box, possibly for the last time

    When a commentator leaves his commentary box – possibly for the final time – generally you’d expect a certain amount of reverence, decorum and good will expressed by fans towards said party. Not in Phil Kearns’ case.

    Fox Sports wrapped up their final Wallabies Test match after 25 years broadcasting the sport in Australia and the outspoken former hooker had been at the helm of their coverage much of that quarter-century.

    Rugby fans however seemed more relieved that Kearns had finally stepped away from the mic. If truth be told, he’s become a figure that’s profoundly disliked by the sport’s fanbase. As an outspoken pundit, you’re always going to have your critics, yet Kearns etched out a career in which few if any fans ever have anything kind to say about the man.

    And that’s what played out on Twitter, as Kearns called maybe his final game, as the Wallabies drew with Argentina at the Bankwest Stadium.

    “Whenever anybody ever complains about Brian Moore, or Stuart Barnes on commentary…just be bloody grateful we don’t have to suffer through Rod Kafer and Phil Kearns every week!,” suggested one rugby account on Twitter.

    “Last time a Fox commentary team will call an Aussie test match. I enjoy most of them but I certainly won’t miss Phil Kearns,” said another.

    “As someone who admired Phil Kearns as a kid I hope that now Fox no longer have the union rights in Oz he never commentates again. Sounds outdated, biased & not fully up with the laws of the game,” said another account, which summed the more reasonable takes on Kearns’ commentary.

    ..and on it went. Click the link in the heading for everything.

    Speaking for myself, best.birthday.present.EVER

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    I imagine there may be a lot of Neurologist's that would be keen for a chat with Kearns after some of his comments on the weekend.

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    Yeeee haaaaa!!!

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