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    Mentioned this in FB and thought was interesting topic here! Sorry if it is a repeat of something already mentioned.

    Just a question and someone may have already mentioned it but Iíve been in and out of FB like a yo-yo. Saw the boys sing an Adele song the other night! Just thinking should there be a crowd song like Liverpool has, port Adelaide and even England, Wales and to a lesser extent the wallabies when the teams are playing.

    I mean an anthem that would have us all sing in unison. Anyway thatís my two bits tonight!

    If I donít pop in before - go the force and enjoy Friday as Iíll be there 👍

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    Hey Mothy,

    Over the history of TWF and the comings and goings of members, this idea or similar idea has been mentioned once or twice (multiple times) over the years.

    There have been previous suggestions of songbooks, chants, etc. None have ever taken off.

    Here are my thoughts on why.

    The influence of TWF and the Sea of Blue (Facebook page).

    At its heights of popularity, TWF had perhaps 100 regular contributors (and another 100 regular lurkers), at the moment that number is probably at 20-30. The Sea of Blue (FB) has similar numbers. Not all of these members attend Western Force matches. And while some do sit together. The group has never been large enough to put together something that influenced the crowd during a match.

    I am by no means saying it's not possible. I think it's difficult.

    I think that if the TWF crew and the Sea of Blue were to combine their efforts, look at requesting to Force Memberships allocation of a Bay or multiple bays of Seating together, the ability to influence the crowd would grow dramatically.

    Until then - we are just another drop in the ocean.

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