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Thread: Western Force owner Andrew Forrest launches one last broadside at game’s bosses ahead

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    Western Force owner Andrew Forrest launches one last broadside at game’s bosses ahead

    Twiggy serves it up

    Nick Taylor
    The West Australian
    Tuesday, 7 July 2020 3:00PM

    Western Force owner Andrew Forrest launched a huge broadside at the game’s governing body as he rallied his players ahead of their Australian Super Rugby debut against Waratahs on Saturday.
    The mining magnate took on Rugby Australia in an often bitter battle when they controversially axed the Force and refused his $70 million offer to keep them alive.
    The angry billionaire pumped millions of dollars into the Force and went alone with Global Rapid Rugby
    Now, in the greatest of ironies, Forrest said he was vindicated with the Force back in Super Rugby, albeit the compacted Australian version.
    His latest attack was aimed mainly at the former administration that saved Melbourne Rebels, describing their actions as puerile, pathetic and unfair and the Force had been vindicated by their battle to stay alive.
    Forrest waged a bitter battle with RA but accepted their invitation to put his side in the new competition against their former Super Rugby foes.
    “This state and the whole game of rugby was ground to dust by really unfair behaviour,” Forrest said.
    “We didn't give up when we got this unfair body blow. We got up off the pavement and we went in again.
    “That counts in the world of rugby. If you look at what the Western Force did and how they survived you respect them and you want to be part of them.
    “What you’ve got out here is the vindication of our determination never ever to give up and here we are back again.
    “We’ve had this puerile, pathetic and often unfair competition, particularly against Western Australia off the field.
    “It was phenomenally short-sighted to rip the heart of Western Australia’s rugby and place it over in Victoria just because you thought you could make something out of Victoria.
    “The old administration was doing everything for Victoria and not anything for the national game.
    “Back then the stupid decisions got made unfairly and against our state and we were determined we were never ever going to give up.
    “If you have competition between states in administration and not only on the field then you are pulling down the game. And that is what’s been happening. “
    Forrest acknowledged the Force will be huge underdogs but declared them ready.
    ”We will be the underdogs but we will give that cage a bloody good rattle. They are out there to win” he said,”
    “It’s going to be tough. Having been out of the competition for three years we are so considered to be the fifth sad Charlie but we’ll do alright.”
    Forrest is confident that having the Force in Super Rugby - and any future competition - does not mean the end of Global Rapid Rugby.
    “I am, and was, very confident that if we were determined to keep the high standard, particularly if we went international, there is no way the national game would one day (not) come back and say ‘hey we really have to have the Western Force back. You’re a major power in rugby’.
    “That’s what Global Rapid Rugby did for us.”

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    No punches pulled there. I wonder, given the tragedy emerging in Vic, how much propping up the unsustainable Rabble will continue to deepen the hole in the RA's finances.

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    Ha! Go get em!

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