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Thread: Western Force’s signing spree set to play crucial role in their success in re-booted

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    Western Force’s signing spree set to play crucial role in their success in re-booted

    Interesting line here about more maybe to come

    Western Force’s signing spree set to play crucial role in their success in re-booted Super Rugby season
    Nick Taylor
    The West Australian
    Tuesday, 16 June 2020 3:30PM

    Western Force’s signing spree will be crucial to success in the re-booted Super Rugby season.
    They have already added six players including home grown products centre Kyle Godwin and flanker Kane Koteka, experienced Test prop Greg Holmes and former Force fly-half Jono Lance.
    Another couple of experienced players are also on the radar and could be added ahead of the Force first game on July 11 against the Waratahs in Sydney.
    Captain Ian Prior welcomed the additions that bring the squad to 40 players.
    “It’s a gruelling schedule with back-to-back games and a lot of physicality so depth is going to be crucial,” Prior said.
    “In the National Rugby Championship we used upwards of 40 players. In these kind of competitions if you want to go deep depth is key.
    “There are some exciting additions to complement the great squad we have already.”
    Prior and other squad members have already played with Godwin, Lance, Koteka and Holmes in the previous Super Rugby competition.
    “A lot of the guys have played together so there are combinations. Guys know what each other is looking for and that makes a big difference. They will slip in seamlessly.”
    The Force will be based in the Hunter Valley for at least the early rounds and management have spoken with West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers counterparts about life in a hub.
    “Upstairs have been in touch with those guys to see what’s working and what’s not working,” Prior said.
    “We’ve got a date to work towards, we can see the start line and we’ll make sure we’re physically ready to go.
    “The build-up is going well, a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. The date can’t come quick enough.”
    The latest signing is local winger Jordan Luke, 26, who has returned home from a stint in Brisbane.
    He caught coach Tim Sampson’s eye when playing for Brisbane City in the 2019 National Rugby Championship and originally joined as injury cover for Jonah Placid in Global Rapid Rugby.
    “It’s been a childhood dream of mine,” Luke said.
    “I was walking my dog when I got the call and Tim said ‘we’re pretty interested in having you over’. I was shocked but very happy, it’s something I will always remember,.
    “So far it has been awesome, it has been everything I have expected and more.”

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    Don’t know much about him and can’t remember seeing him play. Anyone got some background?

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