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Thread: Trans-Tasman speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ham105 View Post
    Good old Mark Ella. Only read if bored.

    A Rebels-Force merger the better option to help get Kiwis on board

    9:31 PM JUNE 19, 2020
    Yes, that little Ella daydream is so missing in logic, that it is not worth getting worked up about. The perfect response, will be when the Force belt NSW and QLD in their own Super comp in their own backyards, with a Force side laden worth WA developed players and others that are "cast-offs" from elsewhere. All funded without any money from the RA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shasta View Post
    To be fair the interview was about the expansion of the SRU. Much as we've been inclined to slag off the Shite Shield, it has become more popular than ever because of the antagonism towards the ARU and SANZAAR. Not so long ago that mob lumped us in with the Rabble as a waste of funding needed for root to tip game development. Like it or not the NRC did not appeal to the tribalism that is club Rugby in the East even though it was doing it's job. The view of WA by a lot of that mob has changed since then and people like Hodgo and AF see the way forward is more likely about working inside that tent. I don't know what it will look like, but I have a strong feeling that it might look more towards GRR than an unsustainable (not so) Super Rugby. I hope so anyway.
    Perhaps, but it was the bit where he was blethering on about paying players 35K, what a difficult transition it is between Shute Shield and the professional game, how the solution was for them to become semi-professional, and to do so by pulling the professional level down and them up to meet in the middle. F'ken moronic, when the whole direction and timing of the NRC meant that was exactly what it was trying to do - paying players, transitioning them into professionalism while they were still playing club rugby, lifting the the Shute Shield up to semi-pro in the process, and all without the need to drag down standards in the professional level. They didn't need to like it, although that would have accelerated the progress. They just had to let it be, but instead it looks like they'll be starting over once again.

    Mouthbreathers the lot of them, and he sounds like a prime example. So instead it looks like they'll swap a developing NRC and SR for some sort of bodged club comp (which will properly fuck the SS) and a lower standard version of SR. They won't lift themselves up, they'll just drag the entire system down. And if they get anywhere near GRR, they'll take that down with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSJ View Post
    The perfect response, will be when the Force belt NSW and QLD in their own Super comp in their own backyards
    You do realise that won't prove a thing to the myopic wankers in Moore Park right? They'll point to the two good moments in the game and use those as indications that the heartland teams are about to turn the corner. They'll bleat about all the fantastic NSW and qld players on the force team and say if only they were able to hold on to all of their players they'd be OK, they'll then point to guys like clay who crossed the Nullarbor to play for the force, how dare twiggy poach a Shute shield star of his calibre thus gutting the waratah academy.

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    C'mon the

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