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Thread: Trans-Tasman speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyS View Post
    I've said it before, but I have never understood why Foxtel has never used FTA content as an advertising opportunity. As in show one regular game/match/race/etc, but stuff it full of ads pointing out that all the content is on PTV. Especially when they are trying to establish Kayo and get some credibility/transitioning to streaming.
    Innovative thinking. Like some newspaper paywalls allow you to sample for free a certain number of items per month. I find it frustrating that the West Australian newspaper do not, so if I ever buy a newspaper it is one of those that I have got used to on the web. Or if I was tempted to subscribe to a newspaper, it would not be for the The West.

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    Possible movement in NZ.

    Highlanders CEO says trans-Tasman Super Rugby will start in 2021

    Damian Rowe
    20:16, Oct 29 2020

    Highlanders chief executive Roger Clark​ says the upcoming Super Rugby season will include Australian teams.

    Clark, speaking at a Southland Chamber of Commerce event in Invercargill on Thursday, said the 2021 season would involve two rounds of Super Rugby Aotearoa before New Zealand sides cross the ditch to play Australian teams, which would be announced shortly.

    The reason for this was that broadcast deals would be just as strong if it tried to play other teams in Argentina and Africa, Clark said.

    “I think in ‘21, you’ll find it will be us and the Australians and in 2022 you’ll find Fiji and a Pasifika team fall into that competition.”

    Earlier this month, NZ Rugby chairman Brent Impey confirmed Super Rugby Aotearoa would continue in 2021, with finals following a two-round competition involving the existing five New Zealand franchises.

    He hoped a “crossover” competition with Australia would follow.

    There was talk of a local competition with the Fiji and Pasifika teams but there was also talk of a regional club competition every two years with Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Clark said.

    Then every four years there would a global north vs south competition to discover which would be the best club team in the world, he said.

    “I think what you’ll find going forward is instead of us travelling around the world to play a game which most people think is pretty mad anyway, to play one game of footy to travel all the way to Africa.

    “That’ll find every couple of years we might play the Africans and the Argentines, but every four years you’ll end up having a challenge, which you’ll see which is the best club team in the world.”

    From fans’ and broadcasters’ perspectives it was something that would be very exciting, he said.

    A member of the audience asked if there would be any afternoon games next season.

    Clark said there were at least three, maybe four, afternoon games. It was not something that broadcasters liked but it was great for the fans and crowd attendance.

    Another member asked if there would be five Australian teams?

    From Clark’s understanding there would be the existing five Australian teams which they were still to announce a broadcast deal for.

    Fiji had backing for a team which would come in 2022 and there would be a Pasifika team which would be a mixture of Samoa and Tonga.

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