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Thread: Possible Alternative Competition Ideas

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    Possible Alternative Competition Ideas

    With the RA competition looking more like a farce each day I was thinking of alternative scenarios for competitions this year.

    My proposal is a quasi-rapid rugby tournament played out of NZ. I say NZ as I thing this will be the only way for the islander teams to get permission to play and travel. This will hopefully include Fiji, Samoa, and the Force. Pending on mitre 10 cup commitments the Lions may also be able to join. The SCT's may hopefully be able to get special permission to travel to NZ as HK is doing quite well with COVID 19. I think the Valke will be a bit hard to put together considering SA's current state with COVID 19. This obviously depends on the travel bubble that Aus is planning to create with NZ later in the year.

    If it is only Fiji, Force and Samoa, then each team can play each other twice.

    If we are able to get the lions and/or the SCT involved then maybe each team plays each other once.

    No finals, just whoever is at the top of the table at the end of the season wins the trophy and the prize money (probably not 1 mil)

    Obviously this scenario is dependent on many factors and may not be at all possible.

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    This is how I would like to see a possible future set up

    Super Rugby to go to a 12 team Trans-Tasman/Pacific comp. 5 x NZ, 5 X Australia plus a Japan and a combined PI Team.

    NRC - Gone. Go back to SS and GPS etc feeding SR teams in Australia (except WA that feed from GRR), Mitre 10 feed SR NZ and Top14 feed Japan SR.

    GRR - Existing teams with the PI players from various PI countries eligible for the SR PI Team. Expand PI countries for larger pool to feed SR PI.


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    Personally, I have come to the view that it is largely irrelevant what it is. What is far more important is how it is structured to ensure each of the various competitions are run as effectively as possible by people invested in their success, that the professional game is run with a primary focus on its benefit to the amateur game and not the other way around or as an end in itself, and that the sport is administered equitably and with a genuine national footprint.

    I'm sure it is achievable, right after world peace. But the most significant element, and probably the only level at which a national footprint is truly achievable, is the NRC. What comp, or comps, hang off that don't really matter and are changeable.

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    J-Pac Major League Rugby. Two leagues, the "Japan League" with Top League teams; and the "Asia-Pacific League" with GRR teams from Asia, Australia and the Islands. Cross-over league play only between the top sides late in the season, cross-over finals and grand final in Japan, Hong Kong or Perth. All-in-one combined broadcast math-of-the-day coverage and highlights packages.

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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