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Thread: Western Force players build home gyms, turned back clock to old-fashioned blood, swea

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    Western Force players build home gyms, turned back clock to old-fashioned blood, swea

    Apologies if this is elsewhere but just seen it on The West and thought I should share it.
    Good stuff from our coach and good to se we're still out there.
    There's a vid from Brynard too.

    Western Force players build home gyms, turned back clock to old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears training
    Nick Taylor
    The West Australian
    Tuesday, 31 March 2020 2:00AM

    Western Force players have built home gyms and turned back the clock to some old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears training.
    But the coaching team is also focusing heavily on mental health as players — some without family support in Perth — go into lockdown.
    Global Rapid Rugby and the new domestic competition, where the Force will take on Australia’s four Super Rugby sides who are without games after that tournament was shut down, could both go ahead later in the year.
    No date has been set for GRR, postponed after just one round, while the new and as-yet-unnamed competition has been pushed back until at least May 1.
    But coach Tim Sampson is not taking any chances and wants his squad as ready as possible to meet the challenge.
    “We got them in for a team meeting and got the doc to brief us.” Sampson said.
    “I spoke about adhering to our values and being role models. This is the time we have to step up and be role models for our families and throughout the community.
    “They have training programs, conditioning programmes, weight training programs - a bit of old school work.
    “They can get out and do some running in the open spaces but we want their data back so there’s no slacking.
    “Our nutritionist has given them detailed guidance on how they have to adjust their intake and their diet without training and playing.
    “Importantly we have to stay on top of the mental health side of things. We are treating that as a priority.
    “We have five guys that who don’t have a partner or family here. We’ll stay pretty tight with them.”
    Players are doing their own game reviews.
    “We have separated them into groups. They are reviewing certain teams that we could still play late in the year,” Sampson said.
    “We will do a video call and the guys will present to us like a match preview.
    “I’ve spent the week coming up with ideas to keep the guys active at home so they keep chipping away, getting learning modules where they can do coach and referee courses
    “Some are studying so get a chance to catch up on that but I have stressed the importance of leading the way, staying connected with the community however we can.”

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    Tim Sampson is one switched on coach.

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