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Thread: Rapid Rugby broadcast global and free

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    Rapid Rugby broadcast global and free

    Broadcast details announced today will ensure that Global Rapid Rugby Season One is free-to-view and promotes the sport to a younger, digitally savvy audience right around the world.

    A digitally focussed broadcast strategy includes international content aggregator Rugby Pass transmitting and promoting all 31 games of Season One via YouTube on Global Rapid Rugby’s website,

    In Australia, popular online provider Kayo Sports will also broadcast all 31 games to a subscription audience of 400,000 sports and entertainment fans. Additionally, Sky Sports will carry games in New Zealand while Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and TV1 Samoa will show matches live.

    CEO Mark Evans says growing the game of rugby far and wide was one of the original motivations behind Global Rapid Rugby and its innovative, progressive brand.

    “A digital broadcast deal means Rapid Rugby is available anywhere, at any time to anyone,” Evans explained.

    “The fast-paced, high scoring, entertaining nature of our competition suits a younger, family audience. Working with Rugby Pass and YouTube gives Rapid Rugby a chance to reach the homes, phones and devices of sports and entertainment fans throughout the Asia Pacific region where the games will be played, and beyond, where the appetite for rugby is huge.

    “The support of Fox Sports Australia has also been appreciated. Kayo is a one-stop-shop for sports lovers, so we are hoping to get plenty of eyeballs on that platform as well within our home market.”

    • will be the number one destination for Season One matches in 2020
    • Worldwide digital provider Rugby Pass will carry all 31 games live and on-demand through its free-to-view YouTube Channel in all regions – excluding New Zealand
    • Subscription streaming service Kayo Sports will broadcast all 31 matches live and on-demand in Australia. Subscription TV provider Fox Sports may broadcast some matches live and on replay
    • Sky Sports New Zealand will carry all matches with an emphasis on the China Lions, a team featuring players from NZ domestic club Bay Of Plenty
    • Fiji Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast games on free-to-air television
    • TV1 Samoa will broadcast games on free-to-air television
    • World-class broadcast provider Gravity Media will produce the majority of matches

    The inaugural Global Rapid Rugby home-and-away season begins this Saturday, March 14, with Fijian Latui hosting the China Lions under lights in Suva, followed by a Double Header in Perth featuring the Western Force, Malaysia Valke, Manuma Samoa and South China Tigers.

    Rapid Rugby Season One is played over 10 rounds and 31 games, including a one-off grand final and a total prize pool of AU$1 Million. The competition aims to grow the game of rugby in the APAC region and features innovative new laws that ensure more ball-in-play and reward attacking rugby.

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    Interesting mix. For mine the YouTube link is a big one, as it is probably the single most likely mechanism for casual viewers. Like clickbait ads, highlights concluding with appropriate links to more content and details of viewing options is probably the best way to suck in viewers.

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    As I said in the other thread, without being on a channel it will struggle to grow. Kayo and online streaming is great, but the channel surfers that accidently stumble on the product eg. Foxtel or Free to air, will potentially grow the product more.

    I think a partnership that also shows Force GRR games on ABC or SBS is the way to go to establish a position in the market. BBL did a wonderful job promoting their sport in the early days through FTA providers.

    Its still a great result, but the fact Foxsports wont even throw it on a channel must be a real turn off for some of the fox subscribers that dont actually have Kayo. I know I would be binning the more expensive foxtel for Kayo in a heart beat if I was those rugby supporters.

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    I'll be honest, Spartan, I'm not sure the lack of FTA is an issue if the product is freely available via YouTube. Wonder if there's market research on newer viewers to rugby and how they found the sport - or even any sport with a similar broadcast mix so we could try and put some numbers to it.

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    Queensland Premier Rugby has been on YouTube for some time and the NRC was when it launched. I say the page views were small in number going by why what I saw when I watched the games.

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