Some more good news

Nick Taylor
The West Australian
Thursday, 21 November 2019 7:03PM

Barnstorming No.8 Brynard Stander has re-signed with Western Force for the inaugural Global Rapid Rugby 2020 season.
Stander, who picked up the nickname “little bull” after arriving from South African Super Rugby side Sharks in 2014, has joined the growing number of players committed to next year.
Coach Tim Sampson now only needs a couple of players to complete his squad.
Stander said having many of the players who were at the Force when it was cut from Super Rugby had produced a tight-knit team.
“It is great to have the same core group here. We have been here together for a long time and we have been through the thick and thin. There is a good bond within the team,” Stander said..
“It is great to see continuity in the club, leading on from what has happened in the past.
“It’s great that we can all still be here together and all play the game we love together.
“I think that has added to our personality and character and made us stronger.
“The new players that have been signed are genuine young men. It only looks positive for us going forward.”
The Force, unbeaten in this season’s GRR Showcase series and winners of the National Rugby Championship, will play teams from Samoa, Fiji, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China in next year’s $1m competition.
“Next year there are a lot of exciting new things happening,” Stander said.
“I am looking forward to seeing how much better it can be than this year. It is going to be pretty hard to top last year but I believe it is possible.
“We will have a really good crack at it. We are going to give people what they want.
“There is obviously a couple of new teams that are going to be involved next year and that is good for us.
“There are really positive signs for us going forward because everyone is here for the right reasons.
“Next year launching a proper competition for the players gives them something to be excited about, something to play for and that will add to the spirit.”
It is understood former All Blacks second-rower Jeremy Thrush is close to re-signing.