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Thread: Springboks in Perth

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    Quote Originally Posted by .X. View Post

    First up a question for everyone. If next year's Springbok Test in Perth is a sellout (not likely) and you don't go. Who are you punishing? The ARU still got their money but you missed out on a Test match between the current RWC Champions and an improving Wallabies. And did you miss out on the opportunity to see a Bledisloe (Wallabies win) in Perth? Isn't that one of those cut off your nose to spite your face things?
    I can't answer the rest of what you've asked, but I think in this particular question, the persons who don't go might well end up with a guilty conscience, if they did go.

    I think it's something along the lines of:
    "I can't, in good conscience, put money into RA's coffers just to satisfy my own desire to see the Wallabies play in my home town. Under different circumstances, I'd love to go; but I'm happy with the knowledge that I haven't given them a cent under these circumstances, such as they are."
    Now I can see how some would find that bloody-minded; but as far as cutting off one's nose to spite one's face, that's a tricky one. How is it tricky? Well, there's a distinct possibility that had they paid and gone, they may have felt like shit, no matter how the result turned out. In their minds, it would be similar to betraying the Force and/or the WA rugby community, while contributing to the current RA regime financially. By not paying and going, they are actually avoiding punishing themselves. Sporting tribalism is an emotional thing after all, especially in a situation such as this, where there are justifiable gripes.

    Now of course, if they legitimately regret not going and missing out on Australia thrashing New Zealand, then they've certainly cut off their nose to spite their face. Really all depends on a case-by-case basis.

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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    Well said chibi.

    I for one was more disappointed that I chose not to watch the follow up game where the all lacks put the wallatahs to the sword.

    Some might say I'm turning my back on rugby in this country (I know x has) but in reality I've just decided to exit the relationship until the abuse stops.

    I liken it to a domestic violence problem, I will no onger support the abuse and, instead will support a more wholesome and supportive version that being grr and the force to the exclusion of others (at least until Aussie rugby is fixed or gone)

    Yes it is an excessively emotional reaction and probably doesn't hurt clyne in one bit, but it means I can keep living my life with (what I count as) integrity

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    C'mon the

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    Nobody here has called you an RA apologist, to my knowledge. I've said RA devils advocate. Quite different. All any of us mean we'd like you to stop trying to change our attitude. We are fully aware of the ramifications and are prepared to cop same. My last comment I'd - give it a rest.

    PS Coach what happened to the flog a dead horse emoji.

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    "The main difference between playing League and Union is that now I get my hangovers on Monday instead of Sunday - Tom David

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    Think a well publicized poll of what game would you watch at Optus next year;
    Wallabies v Boks
    NZ v Boks
    Anyone else v Boks …

    The results can then go directly to RA & we can then get on with supporting WA Tourism, local pub (my fave) & of course those who want to attend do so.

    If every club in each state signed a letter brought about by the respective Unions demanding the immediate departure of Clyne, it might be noticed more than people boycotting a game that is already happening …

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    "The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit." - Jean-Pierre Rives

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    Return on Investment

    Prior to making a decision to hand over several million smackeroonies to the RA/ARU for a Wallabies vs Springboks test in Perth in 2020, how should the WA Government interpret the following sequences of numbers?

    2008 41,838
    2009 36,148
    2012 34,377
    2014 25,718
    2017 17,528

    2015 0.105
    2016 0.092
    2017 0.098
    2018 0.101
    2019 0.098

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    X, you put your finger on the fundamental difference in positions when you said "I believe that the Wallabies are our national team and deserve our support."

    Not everyone feels that way any longer. I didn't go to the Bledisloe, and I likely won't be going to any future tests. Because, like a number of people I know, I no longer feel that representation. Not that I don't enjoy rugby or am somehow not a 'real' rugby fan...I've just got back from a very big comp in Japan where I watched both the All Blacks and World Champions. But that was a RWC and about so much more than just which team you support. A Wallabies test here is nothing of the is just a game between two teams I have no affiliation with, and if I want to watch that why wouldn't I just flick on a bit of 6N action?

    You probably find it difficult to understand, but it doesn't make it less so. And don't think it isn't common father played man and boy, up to state level. When I offered to get him tickets to the Bledisloe, his only question was "Why?". They say they represent us, but it is just that...words. By any meaningful measure, all the Wallabies really are is the revenue raising arm of RA. They care no more for us than they do for the rugby fans of Japan when they put a Bledisloe in Tokyo. The only thing that matters is the money. Everything else is and has been demonstrated to be bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyS View Post
    They care no more for us than they do for the rugby fans of Japan when they put a Bledisloe in Tokyo. The only thing that matters is the money. Everything else is and has been demonstrated to be bullshit.
    Well said

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    coz Stone Cold says so

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