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Thread: Western Force betrayal won’t be forgotten, says new Global Rapid Rugby chief Mark Eva

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    Western Force betrayal won’t be forgotten, says new Global Rapid Rugby chief Mark Eva

    After my last effort posting something from behind the paywall. Here's one I cut and paste.
    Like the sound of this bloke.

    Nick Taylor
    The West Australian
    Saturday, 26 October 2019 9:56AM

    New Global Rapid Rugby chief executive Mark Evans says the sense of betrayal at Western Force's controversial axing from Super Rugby should never be forgotten.
    Evans has only been in the role two weeks but said he already understood the depth of feeling around Rugby Australia’s decision.
    "I totally get it, totally understand the feeling of betrayal and abandonment," he said.
    "That cannot be and should not be swept away with the attitude of ‘come on, get over it’.
    "I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect people to shrug their shoulders and say ‘oh well’.
    "They should be aggrieved. I’m sure that if I’d been here at the time I would have felt that very strongly as well."
    ‘Twiggy’ splashes cash for Telethon this weekend at Force’s NRC grand final
    Evans, whose his job is to lead GRR expansion and maintain professional rugby in WA, played hooker for UK heavyweight Saracens, became the club's director of rugby and then chief executive of English premier club Harlequins.
    He was appointed chief executive of NRL’s Melbourne Storm after the salary cap scandal and has worked with European Rugby, Rugby League World Cup 2021 and English Superleague netball.
    "Perth is a city with a fair bit of rugby in its sporting culture. Do I think there is enough space in the sporting market for a high level rugby union team? Yeah I do," he said.
    "The job now is to maintain a high level of rugby and make sure that it’s still here, in whatever competition or structure, in 10-20 years time."
    An announcement confirming next season’s six-team GRR competition, bankrolled by mining magnate Andrew Forrest, will be made in the next few weeks with the Force to face teams from NZ, Fiji, Samoa, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
    Evans said rugby was at a tipping point globally but GRR would not be influenced by Super Rugby amid concern about its future.
    "Anybody who really claims they know where this going, I don’t think is paying attention," he said.
    "There is so much happening, it is so fluid, there are so many things that could alter the whole dynamic.
    "You’ve just got to concentrate on what you are trying to build and at the same time be aware of, and open to, opportunities.
    "Perth is a really interesting part of the world to be in. Rapid Rugby is a really interesting part of the rugby jigsaw. That’s really why I’m here.
    "I’m well aware of the challenges Australian rugby has but you have to be careful you don’t get blindsided by your own domestic issues.
    "....(Super Rugby) will do what they are going to do. Who knows how that is going to shake out.
    "In the short run the important thing for Rapid Rugby is to get a competition up and running.
    "After that you expand, do you take it to another couple of cities, do you engage in another different market, does it morph into something else?
    "You are here to build a competition in a non-traditional rugby regions.
    “That’s where we think the long term growth is, because of the demographic, the population size, the way the global economy is going – all the big picture stuff.
    "At the same time you have to be nimble enough to keep abreast of all the other developments, to see whether there might be opportunities.
    "You have got to be mindful and keep abreast of all the other development in the region and at the same time execute as well as you can on the short term.
    "My role is to do both of those things, to make sure you don’t close off your options."

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    dont know the bloke but he is reading from the same page

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    Well obviously, Vulcan, he's been given the handbook to read from, as you would expect.

    Let's see what he actually does.

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