October 5, 2019

You know him on the field but how much do you know about Western Forceís Brad Lacey off it? We caught up with the Durban-born winger to find out more about the man!

Height: 186cm
Weight: 94kg
Position: Wing/Centre
Date of Birth: 11 April 1994
Star Sign: Aries
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa

What are you looking forward to in 2020?
I think having a proper format of rugby is something to look forward to for both the fans and us as players. It has been awesome for the last two years having the Showcase Series, but now we are ready to take the next step and put our brand of rugby out there and expand on what we have!

Earliest rugby memory?
My father and mum taking me to rugby and getting me involved. My dad always wanted me to play rugby being from a rugby background. I was playing a bit of AFL and he still supported me but the day I came to him and said I wanted to play rugby was probably the happiest day of his life.

Who is your inspiration?
My parents, they have had a pretty tough life and moving away from home to create a better life for my sister and I. Looking at how our futures are going at the moment they are my inspirations and my heroes.

Which position would you play if not the one you currently play?
If I wasnít playing wing, probably outside centre. I do play a bit there but I have also heard flanker is pretty easy so Iíll play there!

Whatís something not many people know about you?
I was actually in a band at school, I used to play the drums in a rock band. We played a lot of Green Day back then, but I didnít have much choice in the music, the teacher chose it.

Favourite player to watch growing up?
Tim Nanai-Williams. Being a small bloke and playing the position I play, watching how he could bust tackles and always get through the line with his stature is incredible.

What do you do when youíre not playing rugby?
I am at the beach with my nephew, hanging out with him, We fish and snorkel, which is great!

If you werenít a professional rugby player you would be?
I would be somewhere in construction management.

Any pre-game rituals?
No, not at all. Itís just another game. I get the opportunity to do what I love. I listen to music but I donít really get nervous, I donít need to eat anything special or do anything special, I train for it and thatís what I love doing.

Greatest fear?
Snakes! I hate them!

Invite any three people, alive or dead, to dinner, who are they?
Thats a tough one! My grandfather first, I didnít get a lot of time with him and I would have loved to have spent more time with him growing up. Then the greats, Muhammed Ali and Nelson Mandela, just to see what their views are on life. They were pretty interesting and out there.