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Thread: Can I please have my 10 minutes back now Sir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIGS20 View Post
    Daughter is 18 now, we had the discussion. The pre-game helped get her through the door, but she's clearly interested in the rugby as well.

    She is now commenting and questioning stuff with confidence and insight. Loves westie antics, laughs at kids stuffing up bongo and floss cam, genuinely new generation fan who is watching the rugby because of the added bullshit, not enduring the boring breaks between the bullshit. I believe some of that is law variations, some is, she finally gave rugby a go because she was set up to be entertained and some is rugby's an exciting game anyway.

    I can put up with karaoke cam in the breaks if it achieves some of that, but for gods sake, contain it to the breaks
    Next is when she lulz at Spartan's rants.

    That's when she becomes a lifelong fan.

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    She's not on here. If she signs up, the first thing I'll show her is the ignore function. I can't understand why any parent would willingly subject their kids to torture.

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    C'mon the

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    badly cooked vegetables?

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    cheers auss...
    fabricarti diem punc

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