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Thread: A call to Arms... This is serious - if you call yourself a Force fan!

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    Well done b&b appreciated

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    I mentioned to my mates that the scoreline was s bit flattering for the force. At 35 - 10 it felt like a much closer game than that. Superior scrambling in cover and fitness were the difference. Dragons look to have a decent set piece, got rolled a few times in the scrum but got some revenge as well line out was an arm wrestle most of the game. Force had to work hard for most of their line breaks but once they came it was over. Dragons made some fantastic breaks, but seemed to be corralled every time, not too many of those were unforced errors. With regular competition they will be a concern Question, who will win the battle between the two Asian tems? For me, it'll probably end up a tie, with both matches going to the home team. Tigers win on points, but only due to a superior backline.

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    How seriously quick is 'Rocket' Rod? Awesome to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
    How seriously quick is 'Rocket' Rod? Awesome to watch
    Yeah. I didn't actually notice he'd come on until he turned on the afterburners there. Obviously no lingering effects from that ankle injury in Vancouver last month.

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