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Thread: Shits about to come rolling down Wallaby betting scandal

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    Rocky Elsom had money troubles before going Ireland- I think that is mostly why he went. Not saying it's him, but the people who are most compromised are often the ones with money troubles.

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    So who are all the players that have been involved in late night incidents?

    Beale- including the recent pictures of the cocaine sniffing scandal that happened a few years back
    Cooper- burglary etc
    Hunt- caught with drugs
    O'Connor- being an immature twat

    Who else?

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    Good to see SPaRTAN is up to speed with the "several years ago" conundrum....KHunt? Beale and Cooper don't need to be bribed to forward pass, dropsy, and miss tackles, it comes naturally.

    The Spartans were also late to Marathon

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