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Thread: The most deluded claptrap I have read since Wayne Smith’s article

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    The most deluded claptrap I have read since Wayne Smith’s article

    Courtesy of some newbie on The Roar.

    Telling people to change the tone in the words of Tui ‘Yeah Right.’

    You can’t talk positively from the sake of positivity when:
    - There is still no plan from the RA in terms of WA Rugby
    - Teflon Beale’s videos and his umpteenth apology to his employers
    - Uncle Cam is still Chair. Alan Jones in his latest article said that the knives are out for him which goes against Smith’s article. Jones is far more connected and doesn’t have his keys to the inner sanctum as a journalist to lose. Growden said nothing in his but chose to publish the Wallabies’ code of conduct which is broken but beaten out of the coach after it is leaked when a player is mysteriously ‘rested’
    - The Rebels still haven’t produced any financials despite now being owned by the VRU
    - The Rebels signing a major sponsor that is being wound up and the Thai Airways deal which got very little scrutiny despite being a rival to Qantas
    - There is a club led clarion call against the RA
    - The Wallabies lost nine tests in a calendar year
    - Cheika stabs Larkham in front of the board and has a DoR along with a selector put on his head
    - Uncle Cam runs a 45 second statement saying process at least four times and it will be done by Christmas. The process took until late February to complete with compensation paid to the Scottish Rugby Union
    - The new selector says what Larkham put in his statement that it ultimately resides with the coach
    - Third parties using the ARF to fund player payments tax free year as long as they as they abide by their political ideologies
    - Trainwreck is still defending this behaviour verbatim

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