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Thread: Any players want to come to the NT

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    Any players want to come to the NT

    Just speaking to the head coach of the NT Mosquitoes - he said there is some openings in particular for props for the Season that ends in May . PM me for details. ( They have games this year v Singapore and possibly trips to other Asian sides.

    They are keen as up here to GRR to start.

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    What are those props and are they looking for locals only?

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    Props are thick planks of wood, used in mines to support the roofs of tunnels.

    In the Northern territory they often use them in the construction of rugby goal posts.

    This year NT rugby clubs are looking to import props made of harder wood, such as Western Australian Jarrah, one of the hardest woods on earth.

    The NT Jarrah crop unfortunately failed this year, due to the Monsoons and Cyclone Omma.

    Simple really, when you are in the know.

    Have you contacted Gerry yet, our local saw miller and timber trader?

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