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Thread: Rugby Broadcasting options....again

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPaRTAN View Post
    It's not a PC app it's an android app. It cannot be used on a PC unless you have an android emulator, I use one if you wanna know some good ones I can recommend some.

    And ofcourse your android phone doesn't want mobdro on it. It's not from the google playstore. All apps downloaded from websites will give u a warning. It is a safe app and loads of people use it, do some research if you are unsure. Google and reddit are your friend for that.
    trend for android scans all apps i download, and i don't think it really cares where they come from.
    a few apps in the past have been labeled as risky, even from playstore, but mobdro was scanned and labeled 'dangerous'.
    it's not worth the risk for me.
    yes, i realise that i would have to have an emulator like bluestacks for a pc.

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    cider my arse

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    I just signed up for KAYO

    first month is $5

    picture quality on my PC is Excellent.

    no noticeable buffering - but - I am on Premium high-speed NBN - (100/40)

    coverage of the Six Nations this morning was great. Via BEiN apart from no Half Time commentary just 10+ minutes of straight adds.

    So far, very happy with the service.

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