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Thread: 2019 City of Greater Geraldton Rugby 10's

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    2019 City of Greater Geraldton Rugby 10's

    2019 is going to be an Historic year in the clubs young History. Playing their first year in the RugbyWA Championship Grade this is the first chance for many clubs to sample the hospitality and competition The Tiger Sharks are going to offer to the RugbyWA scene.
    The Club have committed to 9 away games down in Perth to help the development of the game of Rugby in the Midwest, this is the opportunity for our fellow RugbyWA affiliated clubs to support our club.

    Not all clubs are so fortunate as to have such a great offer of a pre season warm up only hours away from the normal everyday clubs you can visit week in week out so come to Geraldton...
    Come out of your comfort zone. Taste our Sea air, our Passion also after the matches taste the good lifeÖÖÖ.

    So come along...Ö Enjoy a weekend in WA's Midwest plus a game or two of the great game of Rugby..... Only 4 hours from Perth or 50mins if you fly.

    Click to view our City - Visit Geraldton

    With enough notice the club is willing to help with any accommodation requirements, reservations and bookings at local hotels.

    Call Josh Wilson - 0407 081 768
    email -

    Let us know either way..... 'It's in our Hands'

    Geraldton Tiger Sharks RFC
    Spalding Park, Bluff Point. 6530

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    Those are some decent away games on both sides - hope the numbers stay up there.

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