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And you were a Saint growing up Bakkies?
That question is irrelevant to the three of them behaving like absolute flogs and they are grown men. This includes putting other's safety at risk (Beale driving on a suspended licence after a DUI), disrespected their team mates and superiors. No wonder Australian team sport is down the tube these clowns get chance after chance from head office. They still think these players are kids.

Team administrators don't even know that players have players have failed drug tests and that isn't good. My work contracts state that I am subject to random drug tests and if I fail it I am given the boot. Why should these people be any different. We have already seen the worst case scenario at the West Coast Eagles where the club and the AFL dealt with behavioural problems poorly.

Too many sports governing bodies stick their head in the sand and the drug culture in Brisbane is fairly common knowledge. Brad Thorn has been in and out of that scene with the Broncos. If his hard line attitude deals with it and that will be a good thing.