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Thread: Super Rugby and the eradication of the Force has been a complete failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLR View Post
    What do we do for the rest of the year?
    If past form is anything to go by: bitch about inequality in the local competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheikh View Post
    JSJ said 12-15 teams chasing the 7 remaining WSR slots - so WSR will be 8 teams (Force + 7). That makes for a 14-game home & away season. Plenty of rugby for me, and I'd rather have home & away than a 15-team 14-game season with alternating home and away each season.

    I'm not that surprised by the interest - there was very high initial interest when Forrest announced the possibility of a new league, and while we've heard very little the people Mindaroo were talking to included businessmen who are used to deals being sorted out behind closed doors and only announcing something when the deal's signed.
    Yeah that was made clear in the launch that they had that much interest along with 300 plus players contacting Hodgson about playing in the comp.

    I can see Korea being put aside due to weather and distance. Hong Kong came on board later on as they were looking at starting their own comp.

    Malaysia has commercial interest but I don't think that the game is strong enough there to get a spot.

    Twiggy is looking at suitable sized stadiums rather than play at 30,000 seat plus stadiums like Super Rugby.

    Sri Lanka I am keen on but the biggest caveat is Government interference in sport there. That's why they have been slow to rebuild in Cricket as the Government approves selections and the board is skint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FingerTips View Post
    Hansie, this split is so deeply embedded, particularly in the Rugby cultures of NSW and QLD, that the best drill & blast engineers and all of the ANFO stocks in Australia probably could not dislodge it.
    Agree with you entirely, however private schools are changing and Rugby Union is losing.

    Here in WA, Rugby is also declining in PSA Schools. many decades ago I coached at a PSA School and started Friday night matches, sadly after I left they continued for one more year and then finished up. I was told old boys, very drunk and abusive stopped the events.

    This, in my opinion was a cop out. During my tenure, we had Scotch College being piped onto the field through a 200metre "tunnel" - Wesley equalled the Tunnel, supporters were 5 deep around the field, footy, hockey, soccer and other sports came to support the Rugby boys on the Friday evenings and in return the Rugby boys went to the footy, soccer or hockey matches on the Saturday mornings, and some went on to play Colts at Clubs.

    Rugby parents whom normally had to split up on Saturday for one son or daughter's sport and not both came to Palmyra or Soaks where the games were played and watched their son as a family.

    Games started at 1:00pm with year 8's and finished around 7:30pm after son's first grade game in time for dinner at home as a family.

    I have no doubt this tradition could be reborn if clubs bought into it. Clubs with lighting could provide bouncers, dress the fields and open the bar and shop for food and drinks. Maybe get some of the 1st graders down to show off how good club rugby is...

    There are still some opinions to overcome, but it would be a great initiative.

    Baby steps....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveWA View Post
    I'd prefer a clean break before they cut us tbh. We all know they tried it initially. Bugger them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLR View Post
    I'd prefer a clean break before they cut us tbh. We all know they tried it initially. Bugger them.
    Yeah I really arent fussed on a Force NRC team. Although I hated the spirit name they were an adequate Force feeder side, but now with the ermegence of World Series Rugby they should have a preseason Force warmup tour somewhere in the world for all the fringe players somewhere and this could be prior to the World Series Rugby season kicking off, and you could have this streamed live, and maybe delayed Free To Air coverage on 7 or another network. One year the tour could be to NZL and play ITM cup teams, another South Africa vs Currie cup teams. Then off to Asia, Europe, America, play 6-10 games every year at any time to suit the Rugby calender of whatever part of the world they travel too to tour.

    Thats just my oppinion. The NRC was good intheory, until they axed us, and used this comp as an excuse they had a plan to save us when they actually wanted to eradicate us!

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