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Thread: This is a fixtures list!

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    This is a fixtures list!

    Just received WASPS fixture list for the coming season and had a giggle to myself thinking about all the comments we see here about player burnout etc from playing to many games.

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    Yep. 22 Premiership matches + finals (2), 6 European Cup matches + finals (3), and up to 7 matches in the Rugby Cup. And that's just club rugby, they play a dozen tests a year, too.

    Although, an international probably wouldn't be playing in the Rugby Cup - that's generally played by the reserves and fringe 1st team players, as it's scheduled in Oct/Nov (hosting our Spring Tours) and Feb (start of 6 Nations).

    I think Dusty Hare holds the record for most first-class games played: 595 for Nottingham, Leicester & England, plus some for the Lions (not sure how many) in an 18 year career, so he was playing 33 games a year (and scoring an average of 12 points a game, too!)

    Oh, and during the summers he played for Nottinghamshire CCC, too!

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    And I love their team colours too...

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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