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Thread: Ireland win Australian Series

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    It's like that downward spiral, once it kicks in it's hard to break. Patch ups never seem to provide much of a halt to the decline, it's only when there's an overhaul that things get fixed. But doing well always seems to come down to having a positive attitude, thinking what can we do better, and keeping a focus that what you're doing is for the love of the sport. Once the blame game kicks in that's when the negativity kicks in. Maybe it's just something that needs to happen, so that when things finally do reach rock bottom there's something for new ideas and motivations to flourish in. It would be nice if we could snap out of it quickly though, and we can enjoy sport again!

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    The Socceroos need to get rid of their nerves and inferiority complex.

    Too many times, a rush of blood to the head results in:
    -running into traffic using no skill trying to barge at defenders
    -not dribbling at defenders in two-on-one situations trying to draw the man

    It's called "Socceroo Syndrome" and it's worst symptom is this one:
    Profligate squandering of goal-scoring opportunities
    -scuffed shots rolling to the keeper
    -shots at a blockade of defenders, when a short pass to an open man would have resulted in a tap-in
    and worst of all
    -shots over the bar

    And they've been doing this shit since as long as I can remember, at least as far back as the qualifiers in 1985.

    I dunno why they have this problem, most Australian sportsmen are known for their resolve, grit and cool heads; but never in soccer.

    I blame Les Murray and Johnny Warren for kissing the arses of our oppositions all these years, making Australians believe they should feel privileged to play the opposition; rather than the other way round, being privileged to be part of the great Australian sporting legacy.

    "OOO It's so great to be on the pitch with (insert third world country with corrupt regime here) Oh my god, what an honour"

    Socceroo Syndrome is closely related to Kookaburra Krackers, an affliction suffered by Australian mens hockey teams at the Olympics; the most embarrassing example being the Montreal Misery of 1976.

    Wimbledon Wobblies, a similar, more individual malady has been suffered by tennis great, Ivan Lendl

    List of games where Australia has been affected with Socceroo Syndrome:
    vs Scotland 1985
    vs AC Milan 1993
    vs Canada 1993
    vs Argentina 1993
    vs Scotland 1996
    vs Iran 1997
    vs Manchester United 1999
    vs Uruguay 2003

    List of games where Germany has been affected with Socceroo Syndrome:
    vs Korea 2018

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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