On a gorgeous day at Tompkins Park, conditions were ideal with the sun lessening in heat and hardly a breeze of note to affect any kicking. UWA raised the game’s tempo from the start, playing at a pace that would mean they were looking for early points against the home side. True to that pace, with the majority of possession to Uni they played a fair amount of their playbook in pod carries, kick-passes, chip ‘n chase as well as a bit of handling, all in the first quarter

The home supporters were silenced with Uni’s gameplan as the defence, for all their calls for line speed appeared to spend a lot of the time on the back foot trying to organise themselves for what and where the next attack would be. The student’s organisation was rewarded with line breaks through the middle and basic, back row support for completion of the attack in tries scored.

From the repaired set pieces from last week, Uni worked some first phase plays really well, with both halves placing a stamp of authority on the game management with good use of the options available to them. That supporting back row, peppered about the width made good in maintaining the tempo through providing good continuity … and that kept the Pally D on that back foot.

Pally’s only incursions throughout a UWA driven first half was their blunt force approach from their own midfield that had leaked a couple of line breaks, some worked and a score appeared on the board, but most were left unfinished through a lack of support or a fumble from a flawed pass.

Credit to Uni for taking and playing advantage when the stray arms of defensive frailties connected on several occasions. Whilst the students played on, it was then left to the next break of play for the referee’s word to be had. The number of times it happened needed to be dealt with in the first half and its lawful interpretation seemed to be left with the outcome not the intent.

UWA’s defence seemed to be patient as was their attacking strategy, but having faith in their team mates, their inside man to make the tackle or guide them wider towards touch was much more apparent than last week’s home game albeit a reliance on a Pally fumble was just as apparent.

Control of the game from Uni continued into the second half, with their kicking game used to either relieve pressure or simply pin Pally in their own half and with the Pally set piece needing a rocket somewhere, possession was reverting back to the students again and again. Pally did get to venture into the UWA half but with a supporting unit in need of a similar rocket, many forays were left wanting.

A last quarter saw personnel changes in the Pally structure and a little bit more width for the fresh legs to make inroads as opposed to the previous bosh merchants in the midfield. However with the game 17-41 with ten to go, UWA appeared to be enjoying themselves with some creative moves, half back darts and ambitious offloads, eventually scoring what can now be described as the ‘power try’.

The epitome of the game was the home side behind their tryline again, after that try staring at each other starting sentences made up of motivational clichés without finishing them. Pally did not use the obvious size advantage up front, but then again Uni did keep the game away from that, always having a support player alongside the line breaks allowed them to make those inroads and pull away from a side with several Lord Lucan’s.

UWA finished with a well deserved half century; 22 - 50.