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Thread: "It's Over ...'

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIGS20 View Post
    And players have been coached for years to get a leg or knee forward when jumping for the high ball to fend off the tackler.

    I haven't seen the incident, only a still from the SMH (more than likely deliberately chosen to make the incident look as bad as it possibly can) therefore won't comment on whether it was valid to issue a red card, I will, however comment on how the Sydney media are getting as bad as the Kiwis for covering up the offences of Aussie players while making the absolute most of anything from the opposition.

    We used to be a nation that played the game clean and accepted when our players crossed the line, yet another tradition that has made its way into the toilet under the current administration.
    GIGS that coaching technique is related to when you are on the ground. You can't collect chasers studs up with your boot while you are in the air. Lee Byrne caught high balls like that I don't know how many times he came close to collecting the chaser in the face. Get it higher up than it goes in the eyes which can cause serious damage.

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    Actually the technique when taking a high ball was to extend a knee, but you can see the origin of it.

    Yeah, deserves a Rd, but it's a good example of the way coaches expect players to stick a toe over the line to see what would be done (ok, more than a toe in this case)

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    C'mon the

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